Utility Update – Upper Rissington

Thought it was time to give everyone an update on Upper Rissington Utilities as far as I understand (please comment if you have more information). Also highlighting the differences between Victory Fields and the older part of the village.

CALOR v Natural Gas

Calor have a monopoly supply to the older part of the village. Costs are extremely high.

  • Max Flint started a campaign to get Natural Gas from the Victory Fields development to the older part. She contacted many suppliers and initially thought success was imminent, unfortunately for the process to continue all houses in streets and roads would have to agree to switch (not surprisingly this process stalled). Consequently Geoffrey Clifton-Brown M.P. was contacted and he said he would attempt to use his influence to get Natural Gas to the older part of the village citing fuel poverty. So far with little effect.
  • Gary Black contacted Calor and managed to negotiate a real price reduction for all. This reduction included a partial rebate of your bill, which helps us all directly.

In summary, I believe the older part is unlikely to get Natural gas and Gary’s success is probably our best result.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Coverage is non existent or poor. An Orange (EE) mast was on a building until it was demolished to make way for Victory Fields. Planning permission was granted 15 January 2013 to replace the mast, which will soon run out, as yet nothing has been done. A recent BBC broadcast has highlighted the difficulties, with help by Cllr Hodgkinson and Max Flint.


Broadband has only just become available at Upper Rissington. Fibre optic is now available to the older part of the village. Although there are insufficient high speed connections for all households in the older part of the village.

Victory Fields to date do not have broadband, however after a Facebook group was formed to highlight the problem. Their lobbying of Linden/Bovis and BT was extremely successful and consequently BT will supply broadband in the Autumn to Victory Fields which has been stimulated by a grant from Bovis/Linden to the tune of £20,000.

Mains Water / Sewage

Until Albion Water supplied the village, Reland (previous developer) supplied all aspects of the village. Reland would not use metered water supply and various individuals did not pay their water bills in protest that they could not pay for the water they used. The good news is that Albion now supply all aspects of supply and since their take-over as part of the Victory Fields development programme the system appears to be reliable.


No problems

4 thoughts on “Utility Update – Upper Rissington

  1. I have had a mail from Mr Clifton Brown re Gas. I need to send him info, although he already has had what was needed. However, I will put more together.

    The whole village needs to get behind this and try push it forward through Goverment.

  2. Worth noting that Victory Fields does have broadband, just not fibre optic yet. Ours via BT currently fine for regular domestic use – eg streaming TV online, Netflix, NowTV, working from home, etc – just not all at the same time!

  3. My Sister in Law has just moved into Victory Fields, Pathetic mobile signal, she has to go to Stow to get a signal, No broadband, no phone, no Sky, Third World area!! Lettings agents never informed her that their might be a delay in getting services, Five children
    on a building site, nothing to do all day, laptops useless..I know what Victory feels like, but Victory Fields is not it!! North Korea has better facilities. I wonder if the Letting agents are advising prospective customers of the problem..hmmmm I will investigate!!

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