NO planning enforcement at Victory Fields.

Today I visited Carterton, there the builders (David Wilson and Bellway Homes) are completing the site in phases and each phase has all its amenities in place before the next phase is begun.

Why is this? The Oxfordshire planning department must be enforcing the S106, probably unlike Cotswold District Council (Gloucestershire).

Here, at Upper Rissington the developers at Victory Fields, area allowed to do exactly as they please, the planning department doesn’t visit the site and if they do they do not enforce the S106. Victory Fields is up to phase 6 and not a single phase shows any sign of completion, unlike Carterton. The Carterton site, is managed and as you can see their attenuation pound is complete for example. What’s more they have roads, paths and play parks completed to finished standards.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same at Upper Rissington. Phase 1 houses are complete, but the roads are not, neither is landscaping, play parks or the removal of unsightly earth mounds. Even the new shops have abandoned tyres littering the site with no signs of a seeded or planted area.

None of this is acceptable, my only concern is that the developers may leave the site once the last home is sold, and thus leaving Upper Rissington with an unfinished landscaped area. Plus, unsurfaced roads, paths and replanting of trees. Why, because Cotswold District Council are not enforcing the planning scheduling, they themselves passed.

The above statement is not a fabrication, here are the pictures from Carterton. With the first phase complete, second phase boarded off tidily until released.

If you feel aggrieved please write to either:

Deborah Smith, Cotswold District Council Planning Officer:

Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington who is your Cotswold District Councillor:

Pictures are taken on a smart phone and are of Swinbrook park, Carterton.

2 thoughts on “NO planning enforcement at Victory Fields.

  1. They also have a Town Council who demand that the developers give something back to the community, if they want to be granted planning permission.

    I know that when plans were presented for 1000 homes, 250 were granted and they built a new Play Park in Carterton as part of the negotiation package with the builder, as well as shops etc.

    I think it is time URPC acted for the community. They need to be forceful, rather than saying that the developers don’t listen. Make them listen and then battle for our village.

  2. Nothing new! For the past 18 years we have seen a number of developers on site; not one has fulfilled their promises, no project has been completed as per the original plan. All have left behind piles of rubbish, spoil and incomplete roads. Wellington Road has not been adopted after 18 years!

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