Victory Fields and Communication

Victory Fields is suffering from a lack of Broadband and in some cases telephone connections. There are reports of residents having to wait for weeks for a phone line.

The Broadband issue is being addressed by a Facebook Group headed by Michael Robertson and progress is being made. Boris/Linden has provided funds to solve the issue, however BT Openreach do not appear to be acting fast enough.

Can anyone provide an update?


One thought on “Victory Fields and Communication

  1. Openreach are contractually committed to provide fibre connectivity to the whole Victory Fields Estate. The connectivity speed will apparently be 35-70mb. I believe the rest of the village already has fibre? Regarding progress on the fibre cabinet being installed, 2 are required – existing one upgraded and s new one. This will cover all Victory Fields houses with enough capacity for retail units etc as well. The contract was signed in early Feb, and Openreach state 8-10 mk ths for cabinet delivery. Having said that I’m awaiting an update from Openreach and will post afterwards.. I’m hoping we can achieve deployment by autumn, but be aware that Openreach delivering the infrastructure and individual resident connections are completely different; residents will prob need to libby Big BT heavily to get connections running.. Mike

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