VF (South Side) amended completion plan?

Below is information showing how Bovis / Linden could potentially leave Victory Fields (South Side) according to some very concerned residents. They are waiting for a response from the developer to see if their suppositions are correct. The drawing 5109 / LM as far as they understand is not approved, but shows many changes (see list below). For example the the following have been removed from the revised plan, bowling green, cricket pitch, play parks and the trim trails are eliminated, plus no avenue of trees in front of the Officers Mess and so it goes on.

The drawing was presented to a small group of residents when they met the developers on 23 March 2017.

As far as I am concerned Bovis / Linden should not change the plan at the last minute, Victory Fields should be left as per the original design.

S106 Omissions
July 2016 – 5109/LM

A word document outlining the Bovis/Linden 2016 Revised Plan

Below is what we should be getting, according to the original 2013 plans:

  • 3 x Football / Rugby pitches
  • 2 x Tennis Courts
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Bowling Green
  • 21 Allotments
  • 5 x LEAPS
  • Cycle ways
  • 6 miles of Footpaths
  • Maize

Click for: Reference Document!

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61 thoughts on “VF (South Side) amended completion plan?

  1. I have also learned today that the embankments being made around the airfield perimeter fence are full of building site debris and old heras fencing by EGM (very little waste is being sent off site). This contravenes Health and Safety regulations.

  2. I followed your link on this subject and the 2016 plan you refer to does not appear to be listed on this 2012 application. The Masterplan on last years application for the Mess still shows amenities. Interested to learn where you found this new landscaping plan and I’m sure that all the villagers would be angry if most of the amenity spaces were not implemented.

    1. Thanks Claire, since posting the opening statement, I have been sent a picture of the map where the concerns originate from and added to post one.

      Here is a link to the plans that I expected the developers will be following.

  3. Heard there is fun and games on Facebook discussing this. A very fascinating topic indeed.

    What is clear is that the developers promised certain facilities, including bowling greens and I would prefer it if these were delivered. I am looking forward to such a game for example as my years increase.

    Furthermore, the third football pitch (on the Barrington Road) is 4-6 feet above the normal ground level and is therefore unworkable. It was completed at this level to hide all the developers waste beneath it.

    1. >Heard there is fun and games on Facebook discussing this. A very fascinating topic indeed.

      A template email has been created and what email addresses to send it to, to complain about this new idea the developers have.

  4. Everyone

    I am sure we can persuade Bovis and Linden to revert to the original completion plan. Also, would like to thank those involved who are actively lobbying Bovis and Linden on our behalf. Why would anyone want a lesser product than that promised, not me?

  5. Email dialogue with MPs office today. Email from Deborah Smith at Cotswold District Planning to Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP pasted below by way of update:
    Dear Mr Clifton-Brown,

    I know that Philippa responded to you yesterday on this issue but I wanted to give you an update on the current position as of late yesterday afternoon.

    I managed to speak with senior representatives of both Bovis Homes and Linden Homes yesterday afternoon and they have advised me that due to the feedback received following the public consultation, they will aim to deliver the public open space and landscaping across the site as originally approved, perhaps with agreed amendments if deemed appropriate. I have agreed with both house building companies that they will submit a revised scheme to the LPA for consideration within the next few weeks and that we will provide feedback on those proposals as a priority.

    We have further agreed that once a scheme has been worked up that broadly accords with the principles set out within the planning permission and a timescale for delivery/completion has been set, that Bovis and Linden will organise a further public consultation exercise that I will attend on behalf of the LPA to address any questions that the local community may have. If appropriate, amendments will be considered following that public consultation. If the proposal broadly accords with the planning permission, no further planning application will be required and Bovis and Linden can implement the agreed public open space and landscaping scheme.

    I will contact all of those residents that have emailed me directly over the last few days and let them know the latest position, which should provide some reassurance to them and I understand that Bovis and Linden intend to update the local community later today.

    Need to keep the pressure up to ensure they stick to what’s been said here, but looks positive.

  6. Excellent result and agree need to keep the pressure up. Looks as though many residents have written with their opinion too.

    Apologies for not supplying the templates from Facebook, just like you I don’t use FB and I had hoped the information would have been provided by someone who does use it. Will add to this post if I do acquire the info’.

    1. Not at all – i got a relative to join the group, it was no trouble and I was keen to strike while the iron was hot.

      This is the template for our MP, email address is cliftonbrowng@parliament.uk:
      Dear Geoffrey

      I am a resident of Upper Rissington in a new Bovis and Linden housing development alongside the existing village.

      When the development was approved, an extensive plan was presented with recreational spaces, fitness areas, play parks and beautifully and ecologically sound landscaping.

      In a recent meeting, a new plan was presented by the developers which has removed a lot of this and amended a lot of what’s left. As I’m sure you’ll understand, this is of great concern to all the residents of the village.

      I would be grateful for your advice and support in how we can oppose this.

      Thanks in advance,

      This is the template for Bovis and Linden. Email addresses for Bovis are supriya.ray@bovishomes.co.uk and earl.sibley@bovishomes.co.uk, email addresses for Linden are peter.carpinelli@lindenhomes.co.uk and peter.truscott@gallifordtry.co.uk:

      Dear xxxxxx

      I am emailing you (and you may receive this a number of times from other residents) to express my concern and anger about recent events in our development.

      When the development was approved and when the houses were advertised for sale, an extensive plan for landscaping, fitness activities, play parks and leisure was used as a major selling point. We have now been told that the developers (Bovis and Linden) are proposing a new plan which removes a lot of these elements and amends much of the rest.

      As I’m sure you can understand, this is of extreme concern to us and is not something we will accept. So I am emailing you to firstly register the fact that we oppose this plan and secondly to let you know that we will now begin taking steps to make sure we get what we were promised.


  7. Can I ask who ranked these works, with all the comments on FB I am shocked that no-one has bothered to ask ALL residents not just a select few for their views/requirements. I certainly don’t rank a cricket pitch as number 1 when there is a perfectly good one in Gt Rissy

    1. Julie, Its not the cricket pitch, its the principal that is being objected to. Check out the document in post 1, much of what was promised when the development was passed, it seems that Linden and Bovis attempting to void doing. Hence the discussion and hopefully rectification of these omissions.

      Finally, its not the residents that should decide. It was decided when the plans were passed that the above should be provided, so take everything you can get and only then streamline if required.

      1. Problem having a cricket pitch, is that the actual pitch (not out field) has to be maintained continually and shouldn’t be used for other activities (so I’m told not being a cricket player). What would be great is cricket nets.

        I do understand the principle though, to stop the developers trying to change what was originally agreed, leaving the village with far less than what was on the original plans.

  8. Bovis today responded with a letter that they’re sending to everyone who wrote to them. It’s a PDF so copy & paste is difficult but key points are:

    1 – They (Bovis & Linden) engaged with the Parish Council and ‘lead members’ of sports groups in Upper Rissington to review facilities
    2 – They did so due to time between original plans to check whether all facilities were needed
    3 – ‘Some amendments’ were made to accommodate feedback
    4 – They now recognise concerns within the community
    5 – They are reviewing feedback
    6 – They will submit formal proposals to the Cotswold District Council in the new few weeks

    Whilst I don’t dispute the accuracy of what they’re saying it feels like they took advantage of a round of community engagement that was lightweight and sport focussed to cut back on facilities. We gave them an inch and they took a mile.

    I think we need maintain pressure to keep them honest and it will be interesting to see what the proposals contain that go to CDC.

    1. I think you have hit the nail on the head Stephen: “We gave them an inch and they took a mile.”

      The sports group feel they have been dumped on 🙁

  9. I know the meeting took place. These are the minutes I was asking URPC to supply. Like you Stephen, I believe the comments Bovis and Linden are saying regarding the meeting.

    What I do dispute, is all the deletions, I don’t think even URPC, would have agreed all those.
    Copy of the letter referred to above.

  10. This was sent to Martin, one of the Admins on the UR FB page:

    FAO Martin Johnstone

    Dear Martin

    Alan Cook, Regional Technical Director at Bovis Homes, has asked if the following statement can please be posted on the Upper Rissington Facebook page to provide some clarity on ongoing matters.

    Many thanks

    Bovis Homes are aware that the letter delivered yesterday has been misconstrued to a certain extent. For the sake of absolute clarity, the proposals for the delivery of public open spaces which will now be varied in line with the 2013 document were NOT driven by the sports committee or its members. Our liaison with members of the sports committee via the parish council was to provide an understanding of how the delivery of public open spaces would benefit the community.
    We were looking for opportunities to provide facilities above and beyond that originally intended.
    This remains our focus with respect to the development of proposals based on the 2013 document.

      1. There is no official sports committee , it’s a group of dad’s with kids a certain age who arrange football games on a saturday morning

  11. Communication is always the key which clearly has not always been the case. Bizarre that someone from Bovis should post to UR FB. My guess is that they didn’t and its someone posting a letter on their behalf.

    All that-people want here want is the original Landscape Strategy adhered to and nothing modified as per the 2013 document.

    I am guessing the next step is to make sure ALL of the village, especially those on Victory Fields who pay a maintenance fee get what they expected when they bought their homes.

  12. >Bizarre that someone from Bovis should post to UR FB. My guess is that they didn’t and its someone posting a letter on their behalf.

    Correct, it was sent to Martin who posted it. It was in response to the miss information.

  13. Can I just ask – if the developers’ original landscaping plan was adhered to, is there a forward plan for financing and arranging the ongoing maintenance of all the facilities?

    1. Rachel there is a plan. I do not have any details.

      All residents in Victory Fields pay a maintenance charge which should maintain the village.

      1. Thanks 🙂 Will be interested to find out how much that will be. Will it be paid to the parish council do you think? And if the facilities are for everyone in the village will everyone pay? Thinking this might be something that will spark debate or cause people to favour fewer facilities and lower fees…

        1. Rachel, if you are living on Victory Fields you should be aware the maintenance charge will start at £380 per year and if the worst case happens Bovis will be collecting this charge and it will escalate at well in excess of inflation as per all their other sites! If you are not then do not worry as it will be collected through your council tax so fewer facilities is not something that will be accepted by those on Victory Fields because we have already paid for those amenities when we bought our houses! Complicated and a mess, absolutely!

  14. My understanding is that the fee is paid to separate company that will maintain all the abilities that Linden and Bovis are scheduled to install. You will also pay rates.

    There is a group campaigning to ensure that the facilities are delivered as promised as the huge concern is that Bovis and Linden will walk away. The precedence has been set in Moreton-in-Marsh where an estate has waited for 5 years for the roads to be completed and there is no sign of the developer returning. Fortunately, this has been identified at an early stage at Victory Fields.

    I do envisage that the Parish Council may become involved in its management, but I also hope the team expands to 7 councillors and the Clerk may need an assistant to manage this. It is a huge project in that there is no doubt – in fact its a vey large village (fast approaching a town).

    Deborah Smith in 2012 visited Upper Rissington and spoke in the Village hall. Minutes are here and worthy of a read regarding Wellington Road and adoptions: Minutes of URPC Planning Meeting with Deborah smith

  15. There is a closed session at the CDC on Thursday evening 29th June where CDC are expected to deliver their response to the Bovis revisions to the 2013 S106 legal document and the landscaping . Bovis, earier this year committed to reveal these plans to their clients on Victory Fields in time for the May Day Publlc Holiday. They made this promise in mid April but claimed as they were using the 2013 S106 landscaping plans they could achieve such a quick delivery. This never happened and we learnt at the Parish meeting that CDC only received those amended plans a few days prior. CDC have not responded adequately to any queries since and Bovis have not revealed the new plans for Public consultation. Lets hope they all stick to their commitments?

  16. Kelvin Walker has posed a question on FB re a public meeting with the MP and other senior local government reps! I suggest everyone concerned about these issues respond publicly to gauge the genuine feelings of the community as a whole as clearly the PC does not represent the concerns of the majority of people in Upper Rissington as they have stated that there are no concerns of which they are aware!

  17. Ignore this post at your cost! It has just come to my notice that there is a significant number of homeowners living in Victory Fields that are blissfully unaware of the amenities that would be available once the development is completed. It has also been confirmed that many more are not aware that they are contracted to pay for the amenities to be maintained thereafter and in so doing will be subsidising those living in social housing and those living in the older sections of Upper Rissington. Yes they will bleet and claim they will be paying the precept but that is nowhere nearly enough to pay whilst VF homeowners will start paying double and based on information gleaned from 60 other Bovis sites nationwide that cost will soon escalate to more than £60 per month! If you want to minimise these costs long term now is the time to ask questions of your solicitors and your neighbours!

  18. You surely cannot expect the existing residents to pay for the facilities that were a trade off for building 368 new houses in their village?

  19. I’m with Karen on this one

    All new developments seem to come with these charges as part of there buying a new home.

  20. Ladies , you cannot expect Victory Fields Residents to subsidise the amenities for existing residents to hijack! This will go to court unless we get a democratically elected PC! The residents of VF have paid for the amenties and are entitled to a fare share! Let’s discuss this openly because right now we have an unelected PC and this is unacceptable. We have an incompetent CDC propping up and unelected PC! You may like living in a banana republic but there are many in VF who will not accept it! Max get your facts straight, central government has let the people down please do not talk waffle as these charges have been overturned in Burford and we wil, do it here!

    1. Mike, please read the S106. The development promised a Hall, School, these were built for the whole of Upper Rissington (not just the South side), as the village needed these facilities to grow to the size it is.

      Also, the original village was promised an up dated water supply which they received from Albion Water. However, they were also promised Natural Gas, which they did not and this is just as annoying as the arguments you present.

      Consequently, this discussion is not all about the “South Side” but also the “North Side” 🙂 We have to be seen as a single village not just factions, other parts of the village are also burdened with maintenance charges too. There are also the problems of unadopted roads that many have to maintain ourselves.

      We all agree about the PC and CDC, they have let the whole village down very badly and continue to do so. As have the planners, by allowing the village to be built in separate factions, they should have planned an arterial road link, rather than access from one side only. Very bad planning indeed.

      1. Yes, selling freehold on converted buildings which should never be anything other than leasehold! this too has been going on for years until now!

  21. Stephen, as a matter of general interest please refer back to your post of March 30th and ask yourself one simple question: Have you received any answers yet? I wonder what your answer is? Nothing will happen until the PC is disbanded and replaced with a properly elected one so the quicker the community realises this the better.

  22. No one is hijacking amenities, this is our village, it is one village, if some residents in victory fields thought they were buying a house in a new village they were mislead. There is no village called Victory Fields, it is on no maps, it is not in the postal address. It is a name for a housing development in the existing village of Upper Rissington with a levy on the new houses not the old. Even if the parish council take on the open spaces round the new development the residents of victory fields housing estate in Upper Rissington will still have to pay for maintenance of the SuDs drainage system as that is included in their maintenance fee so there is always going to be a fee to pay in addition to the parish council precept.

  23. Toxicmike – I’m with the ladies and Jerry on this.

    It is one village that share the amenities that we have. We have lost a lot of space that we use to enjoy but because of the development that has gone but we were promised so much in the S106 that the developers are trying to worm the way out of and we all agree, that is totally wrong, where-ever you are in the village.

    1. David i agree but as Karen learnt last night Hercules is not and never will be a public access for anyone! Now tell me who in VF is scheduled to get an allotment? I bet you have never considered that one! Yes lets be one community and stop trying to punt for one half! The PC must go or we do it the litigation route and I am right behind Alan and what is legally binding! All for one and one for all is what my team if fighting for! Yes I am trying to awaken residents from their deep and ignorant sleep in the process because we will not be six years too late like the poor sleepy soles in Moreton!

      1. Allotments, should be managed allocated by the Parish Council. Therein lies the first problem.

        There are some villagers think they have already been allocated one. They should be bid for and drawn from a hat to be fair. However, they have to be made first, along with the Tennis Courts, has anyone seen any action here?

  24. We still have the old Co-op and land behind it that is in limbo-land. I’ve kept asking about it until recently, as I’ve not seen people to ask, but this is still unknown what is happening?

    Originally the idea was a Doctor’s Surgery but no local practice wanted to take it on. The Reserve Matters ran out for this area and nothing has been said since.

    Is the old Co-op building going to be: left to be vandalised, demolished, converted back to dwellings – this seems a good option or what?

  25. David I understand what you are all saying but rest assured you all too have been miss sold and you are aware of that too!! Forget Suds that is covered by the money the Water company makes on providing water to us all! Not Albion as I have shared with you all! That has all changed as have a number of things because you have not been talking to Bovis at the right level! Alan Cook has duped you all for many years but his time is coming to an end too! As you now know Linden has let all their clients down and that is just another fact for the mushrooms to learn! One day people will wake up and like Moreton Residents it may be 6 years too late! Bit like the Stone Walls eh?

  26. Check out the news headlines this morning to understand more the mess that is rapidly unravelling at the Officers Mess!

      1. That was on the local news a few weeks ago, how people were finding out that the maintenance charges were OK now but would escalate making the charges unaffordable to many of the home owners.

  27. My wife and I moved in September 2016, and are sad to hear that both Linden (our home builder) and Bovis are reneging on their committment.
    Is there any update on what is actually happening ?

  28. Regular meetings are being held with GCC and Bovis but unfortunately Linden and CDC are not very helpful! We have prepared a flyer advising residents of the whole of Upper Rissington and we will be collecting signatures for a petition to go to our MP to help force changes at CDC and the PC and apply pressure on LinBo to deliver the amenities and facilities under S106, S38 and S278 development planning conditions! If you would like to know more you are welcome to join us at the Hangar tomorrow at13h00!

  29. On the meeting held on the 28th September it was very clear from the show of hands that the MAJORITY of attendees wanted compliance with the original S106, which means all TRIM trails, Play Parks, Sports facilities.

    So what happens next?

  30. Not very much, the roads are now literally impassable, the petition has been put in a bottom drawer and CDC have seen No 2 Hart Close! What happens next is anyone’s guess but we have got a river now!! Perhaps its time for another Public meeting?

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