Victory Fields Completion Programme.

A graphic that explains the VF site completion programme.

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VF Community Newsletter


  • A graphic that fails to explain anything! What exactly do Q1 to Q4 mean?

    • Vigilant out of interest did you get the leaflet?

      Q1 = First Quarter – Q4.

      As you know year 2017 these will be done, but as we know the weather my put a delay on these timings.

      No doubt it will be done when it’s done…………………

  • Not much on a newsletter and not be delivered to Wright Road

  • “Vigilant out of interest did you get the leaflet?”
    No Idea!
    Q1 = First Quarter – Q4. Very appropriate for “Quarters”

  • I emailed and have a meeting Monday with the said people so will see what’s going on

  • Upper Rissington PC state that the Q1 work begins on 6th or 13th March. If the completion programme above is anything to be believed, a tremendous amount of work is required to done to get back on schedule.

    • I asked for more detail to the notice on the PC web site and got back:

      “We’ll be starting works on the south east corner first and working up towards the pond, eventually reaching the allotments. Areas will be sectioned off periodically so as not to close all of the open space at once.”

  • There is a delay as the site at Morton in Marsh, which is not ready for the surplus to be dumped there.

    I don’t understand why should we have to wait for another area to be ready before these spoils are gone?

  • Well if this is true that is terrible news for the village. I am very dismayed about the whole process. Kind of thing that makes you wonder are they going to abandon the site.

    Lets see what this week brings as advised by URPC.

  • On a positive note we will have three football pitches. A cricket pitch and a bowling green, once work begins.

    Don’t know how the elevated Pitch on the Barrington Road is going to work though.

  • Lets hope it is all delivered. If not then some home owners would be looking at miss selling by the Developers and also not adhering to the s106 agreement which is a legal document.

    Lets hope all the equipment I saw over the weekend will see some earth moved.

  • From what I have seen and what was originally planned it appears that the developers are not doing as what people are expecting.

    I will post up at the weekend what it is envisaged they will be doing and not what was planned. On the assumption they can get away with it. Consequently, the residents will need to shout loud and long to prevent this.

    • Not a surprise – but disappointing for those that bought their houses because of what was promised.

      Guess we need to know what is planned before any real assumptions made.

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