Victory Fields – Postcodes

It wasn’t long ago that the marketing suites on Victory Fields listed a postcode for the new houses that always took you to Blenheim Close.

Not a big problem until you release the Post Office can’t find your address or the Emergency Services if called cannot locate you on their GPS devices.

In comes Jackie Oliver who has contacted Paula Nugent in an attempt to resolve this unsatisfactory situation.

Here is the response Jackie received, which means by 2016 the problem should have largely been eliminated (until more houses are built).

Dear Mrs Oliver
Further to my email of the 09 November 2015 regarding the housing estate address on the emergency services databases.

Ambulance have now responded to say that they did have an issue locating the address and as such a complaint was raised the Commissioning Office attend their control room to carry out a full audit on why this happened, as information is drawn from the Ordnance Survey office.

Unfortunately Ordnance Survey had not updated their detail from when the location was a business park.

Ambulance have advised that they have now put in place a Mapping Upgrade request and this will be completed in January 2016, however to ensure no further incidents are missed in the area all crews have had the mapping details added to the vehicles manually and the Control Centre has been advised.

With kind regards

Paula Nugent
Business Planning Strategy & Performance Team
Tri Service Centre, Waterwells Drive, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 2AX

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