Victory Fields Q and A

I asked CDC, namely Deborah Smith (DS), from the Planning Department of CDC a few minor questions. Here is her response on some of the issues raised.

1) Mitchell Way: I mentioned it should have been completed after 25 houses were occupied. DS wasn’t aware that the loop was not complete. However, DS advised after discussion with Peter Mason of Linden Homes that it is scheduled to be completed by the end of June – which will allow buses to circumnavigate Victory Fields.

2) Wheel Wash: I asked about the wheel wash and the reply was that the road is swept 8 hours a day. Must agree that the sweeper does a great job. I subsequently asked if he could do the Barrington Road occasionally.

3) Wellington Road Link: I asked when the Wellington Road link road will be completed (started in June 2014): December 2015 is now the completion date.

4) Footpaths & Cycleways: Asked when would they be completed and was advised that they are. I think DS was referring to the Longmore Ave path adjacent to the school. Would like to thank the developers for speedy action on laying this path for the school.
I guess the others will not be complete until site completion.

5) Road Lighting: Should be installed prior to the occupation of the residential units as per planning states DS.

6) Landscaping and Ecological Enhancements, specifically the Attenuation Pond: Ans: I (DS) haven’t yet agreed the final implementation programme for the landscaping and ecological enhancements or the surface water drainage scheme so I wasn’t expecting the attenuation pond to have been constructed a long time ago.

7) Heras Fencing: I asked why so much is up? DS answered that it is in place in order to protect the trees. DS says she would not expect this to be removed until all construction works that might affect the trees in a particular area have been completed. I am assured by the developers that the fencing will be removed as soon as is practicable. NB: I do think Linden/Bovis have attempted to tidy the site. Thank you.

Finally, would like to thank Deborah Smith and Peter Mason for answering the questions.

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