Victory Fields

Victory Fields

Cotswold District Council have approved the plans for 368 new homes at Upper Rissington. The new housing development at Upper Rissington will be known as Victory Fields. For more information click these links: Linden or Bovis.

Please be aware that there are some roads that will not be adopted on this site. Consequently, you will be responsible for paying a maintenance company to maintain them once the site is complete.

Also, until the 200th dwelling is occupied the water and sewage systems will be of a sub standard nature. Hopefully the developers will speed this process up.

Finally, mains gas is LPG and not natural gas on this site.

Plus broadband isn’t much quicker than dial up.

Below is the Site Plan for Bovis Phase 1 (printed 12th December). Well before the plans were passed.

Business Plan for Phase 1

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