Video Recording of URPC Meetings

As of next month, we hope to be able to record the Parish Council Meetings using video. It will be a low quality effort and then uploaded to Youtube.

I am sure everyone will agree, it will be a much better way of representing what actually happened at the meetings.

Of course as a matter of courtesy URPC will be advised as per their Recording Policy.

The only draw back is the VLOG camera will only record in 30 minute segments and it will the have to be reset after 30 minutes.

As an aside, I also hope to take drone shots of the village, however I do realise this could be very sensitive as some people may not like their homes from 200′ pictured. Have to research the rules from the CAA before I commit to a DGI purchase.

A very good IOS App to download is Drone Assist. I’ve attached a snapshot of what it says about Drone Flying in our area.

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11 thoughts on “Video Recording of URPC Meetings

  1. No, the councillors are government officials.

    However, If there is a strong feeling against it, then of course I will respect the sentiment and not do it.

    Also, if I am not in the village, then it won’t happen, which is most of the time.

  2. But this is not answering my question, which is a genuine question. Sound is already recorded, so why video?

  3. Do I have to answer the genuine question, no I don’t? Out of courtesy I will, URPC have guidelines explaining that video is acceptable. I believe, script is OK, audio even better and a combination of audio and the PC minutes will mean a true representation of how the meeting progressed is recorded for the future.

    However, if there are strong objections, I will abstain of course.

    NB: Margaret has shown that Councils who believe they have nothing to hide, record the meetings themselves.

  4. Just so you understand, I’m not objecting to it but just wondered why move to video.

    It’s far larger to store and requires reasonable broadband to view and we know about that round here 🙁
    More issues recording it
    And it’s the audio that contains the ‘content’, which is already recorded

  5. If we have the technology, why not? We know and can prove some people are more than economical with facts so let’s have the video it may be of benefit at some point in future and of course it will make people think before opening their mouths in future! As Max has already made the point, if URPC have nothing to hide, why not?

  6. So, we use video to record sound to hear what people say “… it will make people think before opening their mouths…” – genius!

    Sound is already recorded, it just needs to be clearer. You’ll have the same issue with video but the added complication of large files.

    This is why I’m asking is there a reason we need video – ‘why not’ is not an answer!

    If the video camera has better sound recording ability – this is a good reason to use it 🙂
    I suppose give it a try and see if it makes a benefit.

  7. URPC where quite happy with the arrangement. In fact, it maybe something they should look into.

    I also think it will make for a more orderly meeting.

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