Village Clean-Up – 8 May 2010

Thanks to the recent very informative Parish Council Newsletter I was aware that there was a village clean-up organized for this morning.

Despite very unlike May weather – nearly a dozen people dressed themselves in High Viz jackets and collected at least 10 large black bags full of rubbish.

Others even found old pallets, batteries and furniture which they have piled up for collection.

Makes you feel good doing good.

One thought on “Village Clean-Up – 8 May 2010

  1. I knew from the last Parish council meeting that they wanted to do a village clean up on the 8th May and said they would drop round leaflets or put it into the newsletter but having not seen either of these till we walked out the front this morning to go shopping, did I know it was actually on!

    I would have liked to have joined in but extremely short notice.

    Glad to hear that others managed to get along and help tidy the village. Well done to all those who attended 🙂

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