Village Hall is OPEN

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Well it’s open and it’s terrific. After so long we now have a working Village Hall and we
have so much of the community already taking advantage of it. We still have a tremendous number of challenges but the basics are in place. Many of us loved the old Hall as a venue for community events but the new Hall is such an improvement. The feedback at community events such as the Annual Fete, the Barn Dance and this year’s amazing Fireworks Display has been really positive.

In with the challenges, we have still to finalise the lease so that the Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust can take control of the Hall. The Trust and its Management Team are staffed by volunteers from the village and are committed to developing the Hall as a vibrant resource for clubs, groups, family gatherings, classes and sporting and community events. Until the Trust takes over the Hall, it’s being run by the Parish Council, with booking and management assistance from a couple of volunteers who are also a part of the future Management Team. With so much happening in the village, the intent is that the Trust is the focal point for the future development of the Hall. Through a mix of Parish Council grants, reinvestment of incomes and grant applications we will secure the financial viability of the Hall. The aim is to maintain, develop and equip the Hall so that within three to five years it can support itself without being a burden on the Parish Precept. With your positive help and support we will have a community resource to be proud of. Our aim: a Village Hall that fully supports, and is fully supported by, the community.

For information on users of the Village Hall please visit the Trust’s website and check out bookings at If you go to bookings and check out the Hallmaster diary it will show you when the following groups are meeting and who to contact for more information:

  • Toddler Music and Movement (Monday morning)
  • Scouts (Monday evening)
  • Adult Yoga (Wednesday morning)
  • Little Hurricanes Mums and Toddlers (Thursday morning)
  • Tiger Kempo Karate (Thursday evening)
  • Pre School Ballet (Friday morning)
  • Aikido (Saturday morning)
  • Photography Club (one Sunday evening monthly)And of course, let’s make a date in the diary for this year’s panto ‘Aladdin’ on January 1st. More details on this in the Social Committee report.

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