Village Hall Update Pictures

Three years have elapsed since the original village hall pictures – see below for the latest ones. As you can see the building is maturing appropriately. Outwardly, very few changes, except for the addition, of a fence, defibrillator and post boxes.

May 2015

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4 thoughts on “Village Hall Update Pictures

  1. You are mistaken, the borders all have deteriorated and look overgrown. The paved error needs weeding. Who is responsible?

  2. In answer Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust are responsible.

    I believe they have not employed staff to this, but rely solely on volunteer help to maintain any borders, therefore maintenance could be regarded as sporadic.

    The Hall itself, has had a few issues, one of the most worrying was the central heating system, which I believe is now working to specification. I am sure when URVH publish their minutes, all will be revealed. See:

    1. I must congratulate the hard work the volunteers have done on improving the flower beds round the village hall, from what was handed over when the Trust took over. With gardening there is always work to do but the beds are looking so much better now 🙂

  3. Ideal time for gardening to kill those weeds. I suspect the ones on the paving are dying with the extreme heat anyway. Good to know the VHT have a team of volunteers to do the flower beds.

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