Village Hall Update

This is not an update, just a statement.

It’s now nearly October, the building was handed over to the developers on the 9th March, nearly 7 months ago. The prognosis/rumours is that the village won’t be able to use the building until December (a 10 month delay – this is an example of UK bureaucracy gone mad). For example, it took us two weeks to buy our house in UR, as we pushed the solicitors to achieve the goal.

There a various parties involved.

  • KIER – built it
  • Bovis/Linden – owners
  • Parish Council
  • Charitable Trust
  • Solicitors for Developers, Parish Council and Charitable Trust

One or more of the above is clearly causing an unwarranted delay. Who it is we don’t know as parishioners. Solicitors and Developers are usually blamed in Parish Council meetings (which is effectively everyone).

Personally, I don’t care who it is. However, it would be nice to hear of an end date, as this building is lying empty frustrating all concerned. Maybe a statement from someone in the process explaining the situation would be fantastic and beneficial in curtailing rumours.

You can discus this here.