Village Hall Handover

As we know there is an on-going process between the developers and Upper Rissington Parish Council for the hand over of the new Village Hall.

Once the Parish Council have the keys in their possession then it will be handed over to the Village Hall Charity Committee if all aspects of the lease meet their requirements. It has to be said the VHCC are all volunteers and are doing their utmost to get this facility on-line at the earliest opportunity. Their website can be found here:

The building was completed earlier this year (February) and legal activity for the handover started at this time. The new Parish Council mentioned they wanted to hand it over early July. When do you believe it will be handed over? I’ve just installed some voting software – and it as yet untried, so please vote and let us know what you think.

At the last Parish Council meeting it was revealed that Searches need to be done at this late stage? Also, various issues with the building have been discovered. Many of these were reported by the VHCC and a couple by me, some months ago. These hiccups are slowing the process down. Will the developers invest further and fix the short comings?

In fact, in hindsight I can imagine that if we were to design a hall ourselves we would have allocated the space differently. What is obvious “now”, is that without using the main hall there is very little hireable space. Plus I can “now” see that the entrance hall carpet will soon have to be replaced with a more durable surface.

Regardless of the above, it will be a fantastic asset once the legal process is complete. Vote below when you think this will happen.

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7 thoughts on “Village Hall Handover

  1. Good to know that Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington and Deborah Smith (CDC Planning Officer) have drafted a condition that will not allow the construction of 4 bungalows on the site of the current Village Hall until the new Hall is occupied.

    Thanks to Mark and CDC on this.

  2. It’s the “Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust”, a very recently registered charity, who is hopeful to taken over the running of the new hall on behalf of the community, with a Village Hall Management Committee who will look after the day to day stuff. All the people are volunteers.

    I thought it was 9th March when the building was ready to be handed over to the developers?

    I think the village has changed a lot but the design of the new hall was decided many years ago. I think with hindsight, a different layout would have been chosen.

    Can the Parish Council be kicked out of the old hall before they have ownership of the new hall or is this just red tape?
    I wasn’t happy to see some ground works have already been carried out by the old hall, leaving ‘grave’ like humps by the old hall which is still being used.

  3. Agreed, completed in February and handed over in March.

    I suppose the Parish Council could be made homeless, they only need to hire a room for the monthly council meetings. Or maybe change them to every 2 months if there is less on the Agenda. Will there be 20 hours work for the Clerk once the new hall is complete?

    Fingers crossed we have some good news very soon. Interesting that the people that have voted think later rather than sooner.

  4. Do we know why it took nearly two months between Keir who built the new hall and the developers to sort out what ever it was, before the developers first made contact with the Parish Council at the very end of April, to start the handover process?

  5. David,

    All the legal paperwork in regards to solicitors was in process, then we had the Election and a change of council who took over dealing with this.

    Maybe ask the current council for answers to why it has still not been opened.

  6. Margaret,

    I was wondering about the delay between Keir and the developers, as this seemed to take about two months for some reason.

  7. In March the building was completed, it is now September, a full 6 months later and its still not in use.

    I hope our Council can mediate with all concerned and get this facility into use today.

    If the building has been constructed to specification it should be accepted forthwith, asking them to do more will only work if the specification was not followed. Any modifications will have to be paid for by the PC if deemed absolutely necessary, the developers will not spend anymore cash on a building they delivered on time to specification?

    If we are not careful I foresee the developers loosing patience and running the Hall themselves as per the S106 agreement (will insert the S106 reference later).

    The PC have to stop blaming, the developers, the previous council, the solicitors and anyone else on the hit list and get this building into use.

    I wonder what the local press would make of a village that has been given a building worth £1m plus and its lying empty.

    Time for the Ward Councillor to intervene and get this facility in use today.

    Reading the minutes for the Parish Council Meeting it looks like no progress is being made as we are going to get an update on searches etc.

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