Village Hedgerows

Please find attached pictures of the boundary hedge with RAF Little Rissington after its recent cut.

A fantastic improvement I am sure you will agree (I asked the MOD to undertake the work last year)?

I am also very pleased to hear that the Parish Council have eventually allocated funds to cut the Village hedge that boundaries on the North / West. The funding was granted 8 months after the initial request was made, after villagers signed a petition asking for it to be cut. Unfortunately, their decision is too late for this years cut as per this guidance.

Specifically: Nesting birds are most likely to be found in the main nesting period, 1 March to 31 August in hedgerows. If nesting birds are present, you mustn’t undertake any work which might harm the birds or destroy their nests, or you will commit an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Unfortunately, the PC have disregarded the Wildlife and Countryside Act if the hedge is cut in this period (1 March to 31 August). It was also stated, that the PC will accept no responsibility if the contracted cutters undertake the work in this period. No comment…..

NB: Gallery amended to include the Village Hedge cut on 10th March.

3 thoughts on “Village Hedgerows

  1. Just heard that the hedge has been cut. Good, but very bad and irresponsible for any nesting birds. I am not at UR so cannot assess whether nesting birds were present. I am sure others will however.

  2. the council have made a statement on their website passing their responsibility onto the people who are cutting the hedge. This is an irresponsible attitude when they know they have authorised hedge cutting after the March 1st deadline.

  3. Steve and others have you reported the cut to the Police? However, please read this link before you do and be sure that the contractors have disturbed nesting birds first. Click this link.

    Most bird species are protected from damage or disturbance to their nests during the breeding season, and it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly damage or disturb a nest. The prosecuting authority for breaches of this legislation would be the police. It is best practice is to cut before the 1st March, which would make it very unlikely any nesting birds would be affected. It is not an offence per se to cut a hedge outside this period, provided a thorough check had been carried out for the presence of birds. The danger for someone taking this approach is that if they missed a nest, they would certainly be considered ‘reckless’ for cutting in this period.

    NB: I have not reported as I am not in the UK.

    I have also added pictures to post one. Still looks long from the pictures, I guess this was because its cut in the period when it’s strongly advised not too.

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