Village Maintenance Officer

A couple of years ago, it was suggested by URPC that the village should have a Maintenance Officer.

The council went as far as advertising the position, but it did not go any further.

It’s time to revisit the idea, as I believe it’s a great idea. However it does need developing somewhat from the original proposal.

Steve maintains the developers land and the URPC “Maintenance Officer” could maintain the village land as well as the tasks outlined below. Therefore the position needs to be expanded to include grass cutting. The equipment could be purchased either by the the “officer” or provided by URPC. Plenty of room for discussion here.

I know I for one would be willing to take on the task.

Below is the original contract.

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2 thoughts on “Village Maintenance Officer

  1. Last time, some one applied for the position but they then heard nothing. So hopefully it will be done properly this time.

    It’s a position that could really help the PC get on top of issues, getting regular reports on issues and getting them actioned.

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