Website Downtime (Fixed)

I am sure if you visit this website on a regular basis you will have noticed that it has been off line recently on a sporadic basis.

The host company ( moved customer accounts to new Sold State Drives (SSD) 4 weeks ago and after an initial increase in speed, problems have now manifested themselves. They are currently moving affected accounts to new servers to correct the problem.

I apologise for the inconvenience and trust me it is just as frustrating for you as me.

Finally hopefully by 12:00 normal service will be resumed.

NB: Everytime a site goes down I receive an e-mail! I have had a few…….


  • I have had notification that all websites have been moved to a temporary new server – meaning that the sites should now run albeit slower until they are moved back to the SSD based server.

    Here is the list of the sites affected (some are parked domains). Click here!

  • Looks like comments made today are now not showing or lost !

  • Lost I am afraid David, I am just as annoyed as you!

    This has to be the last major effect on this site.

    The explanation is that all the domains were using old namservers. All sites that had domains registered with netweaver and updated were not affected

    I had one registered with – and it just happens to be the one with updated content.

  • The website hosting expires on 30 November. So that it may continue I am looking for it to be self financing and thus looking for sponsorship. If anyone knows of a local company that wants their logo on the front page – let me know and hopefully we can do something to keep everyone happy.

    Update: I haven’t found a sponsor, YET!

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