Website Renewal due on 30th Nov

The server that hosts this website is due for payment on the 30th Nov. Due to the amount of data stored on here and the RAF Little Rissington website the cost isn’t cheap. Data stored, in media files is now approaching 22,000MB’s, with a maximum of 30,000 allocated for £300 p.a.

I had hoped for a sponsor, so its decision time.

Do I continue or not? I think NOT, hope to get a sponsor in place – otherwise it will go in a couple of days…


  • Amended, decided without a sponsor I am wasting money. So just a few days to go.

    Fingers crossed someone may come fwd.

    • We have just moved to the area (July 2016) your website has been a great source of information, it would be a real shame for it to stop now.
      My group of companies “UK Design Group” is willing to offer sponsorship for the website whilst it continues to provide a service to the local community.

  • Facebook is OK for instant news but you try and find something on there. This forum has loads of info, in a structured manner, so it’s easier to find what you are looking for.

  • Paul – thank you. That makes the decision easy.

    David, thanks too. Your comments are always valid and welcome.

    • I haven’t heard from you regarding the website sponsorship?

      The offer still stands, I assume you have my contact details?

  • Paul, thank you for the reminder. E-mail sent, hopefully reached you safe.

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