Wellington Road – width restriction

Anyone attempting to navigate Wellington Road / Smith Barry, please take extra caution. EMG are struggling to connect the new road to the old road as the levels are wrong. The gravel is there because of the width restriction….

16 October 2017

7 October 2017

4 October 2017

3 October 2017



  • This temporary fix is unacceptable and a Health and Safety Hazard. It’s OK if you own a 4 x 4, but not if you drive a car and especially not if its a Sports car as you will bottom on the kerb.

    They should never have redesigned the road layout.

    Who will pay to repair rims if you hit the curb?

  • As this road is unadopted and is not on the adoption plan, who will be responsible for it?

  • I have been onto Highways today, Bruce Simmonds and told them this mess needs sorting ASAP he was sending a Inspector out to see what is going on.

    Wellington Road may well be adopted by Highways eventually, will know at a later date.

  • That is just ridiculous, are they taking the mickey!

  • Standard practice people, perhaps you will appreciate what the residents on the light side have been enduring for years already! All the kerbs down the LHS of Beechcraft have been like this for more than 18 months already. Do not worry Linden wil reimburse you for damaged rims and slashed tyres, Tyres on the Drive are doing a roaring business in Upper Rissington and have been for years already!

  • “Standard practice people” – What to force drivers to drive on the pavement – I don’t think so and that can’t happen on the dark side, as you haven’t got pavements 😉

    • We have no pavements on the light side either David but there is a big pavement on that road that you are talking about! That’s why the traffic is using it!! LOL!!

  • This road was under construction, well before VF was occupied or even built. Even at its conception, we tried to stop the design and this is what we are left with. A design with major flaws.

    I have written to Supriya Ray, Nigel Gasston and Nigel Moor explaining that having to drive onto the pathway via a gravel embankment is unacceptable and in my case not practical with a low car. I also suggested they consider working on it 24/7 to fix it to a final design.

    If you hadn’t seen it you would think it’s a joke.

  • Jerry it was before their time so that is a little unreasonable! As for the designs, they are a joke and that is why Alan Cook has lost his whole department! They have been laid off and Consultants employed now! It will not solve the problem because the consultants have no clue either but hey ho the fun continues!! By the time you are back in town it will have grown into a full scale circus!

  • Added some pictures from today (see post 1). The contractors are cutting out the original road to reprofile it.

  • Two of my street lights go on and off every night, usually about 70 times; the other 5 just stay off

  • Today I began a project to include descriptions and pictures of all the roads of Upper Rissington. Here is the first page and very appropriate.

    • Jerry they started digging up Hart Close again this morning so we now have the new plastic barriers along Beechcraft, Proctor and Hart in addition to the barriers around the lamp posts all over VF, anyone would think a circus has come to town!!

  • Still a long way to go to get all the street lights working properly!

  • Looks as though the email to the Bovis managers worked. Thank you.

  • Who are you thanking Jerry, not the PC by any chance?

    • Not at all – the PC are reactionary and trying to claim credit as per normal for something they did not initiate. I had an e-mail from the Chairman a while ago, stating that he doesn’t care about Wellington Rd being finished until the development is complete.

      Individuals expressed their displeasure to Highways and the Addressees’ mentioned above have accomplished the reprieve.

  • Common theme here Jerry, Retrospective Planning springs to mind! Once the development is complete there will be nothing to put right! Listen to our ward Councillor at the PC Meetings explain that Planning enforcement will be carried out when the development is complete? With more than 70% of properties on Victory Fields built in breach of Planning permissions nothing will be done if we do not make it happen now! They will not rebuild all the properties!

  • A classic picture, what speed restriction?

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