What Land?

Parish Council Land Ownership

History: Nearly three years ago the URPC conducted a survey to discover what land was actually owned by the Council and what belonged to individuals. At the time the surveyor (S. Escreet) reported his findings, which was not totally conclusive.

25 January 2016 update: URPC minutes revealed that Simon Escreet would conclude a survey to identify Parish Council land at a cost of around £350.

20 September 2016 update: Very recently, a conclusion to this survey was paid for at great expense and now as villagers we would like to know the extent of this report. The Council revealed that the actual cost was £517 for Mr Simon Escreets services.

Land Update: Hopefully, this report is published on the URPC website soon, so that the public knows who owns what. Specifically, car parking slots and grass land. There is a felling that URPC want to off load responsibilities rather than accept new responsibilities, hence the survey. Let’s hope this is not the case.

Four Documents from URPC outlining land ownership.

Added: 8th August 2017

Title Document – dated 2006 – GR188628

Previously know documents (but none really relevant):

URPC – Land Ownership Document
Map – showing Land Owned
Map – showing Land NOT owned

Sample pictures below – not necessarily disputed land.


One thought on “What Land?

  1. A land ownership document has been uploaded on the URPC website, which I have added to post No 1 here. I would prefer a map to help understand the areas discussed.

    However, it should be noted that it has revealed absolutely nothing new.

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