20/03883/FUL | Revision of Public Open Space in UR

20/03883/FUL | Provision of Public Open Space (as part of the Victory Fields development already approved under application reference: 08/03697/OUT (APP/F1610/A/09/2112497)) | Land At Victory Fields Upper Rissington Gloucestershire

There has been some very heated debate about POS sales to the public recently. These files show that there is more than one individual that has benefited from such sales (4 in total).  I have included two extracts from the two Land ownership files that clearly show how the boundaries have moved Northwards.

EDIT: 24 November 2021

The facts speak for themselves, in that some very vocal residents have actually bought their own POS (coincidentally which some owners had already moved their boundaries years ago to accommodate), which is somewhat hypocritical.

Superseded Public Open Space:  Superseded POS – 1641875
POS Phasing Plan:  POS Phasing Plan – 1680387
Public Open Space Breakdown Plan – 2018:  Public Open Space Breakdown Plan – 2018 – 1680384
Location Plan:  Location Plan – 1680390
Land Ownership:  Land Ownership – 1680391
Superseded Land Ownership: Land Ownership Superseded – 1613598

Annotated – blue circles represent where the boundary has and will move.