21/04014/FUL | Erection of single storey extension (RETROSPECTIVE)

21/04014/FUL | Erection of single storey extension to ancillary outbuilding (retrospective) | 6 Smith Barry Circus Upper Rissington Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL54 2NQ

Application Form:  Application Form – 1671529
Screening Opinion: Screening Opinion – 1673978
Location Plan: Location Plan – 1671525
Elevations: Elevations – 1671524
CIL Form: CIL Form

Retrospective Planning permission sought as per plans.  Hopefully, CDC examine the comments and judge on the actual building rather than rhetoric made by many people not local to the building in question.

This list is unnaturally large, as clearly it has been orchestrated by someone judging by the unusually large number of comments. The trouble its not what we think, there is a protocol that needs following to ensure anyone does not build without first seeking permission irrespective of the personal situation. In this instance the protocol has been broken and many of the supporters would hate for unapproved structors to be built in their neighbours property.

EDIT: Updated document list.