About the author

Born in Yorkshire and brought up in Cottesmore, Rutland. This when I started my relationship with aviation, remembering white Handley Page Victors flying over the village. Then in the late sixties, only to be replaced by Vulcans, Canberras and Argosies.

I joined the RAF in August 1977, and was lucky to be a Flight Engineer on Nimrods and Lockheed TriStars. After completing 20 years of service, I left the military to fly Boeing 747’s with Air Hong Kong, Virgin Atlantic and Dragonair. In 2008 my career as an FE came to an end when the “classic” 747 was retired. I then taught the Gulfstream G450, G550, GV and G650 to pilots with FlightSafety International until 2021 when I retired.

I have been married to Margaret for 42 years and have two adult offspring. We have recently moved to Newark in an attempt to retire. I was previously a Parish Councillor for a wonderful Cotswold village, called Upper Rissington.  My interests are aviation, photography and motorsport, including cars such as the Ariel Nomad.

The website, was originally only for photographs, some taken by me and many by my wife. However, once I relinquished the PC website administration, I decided to add more detail on the village on this site, including a News feed. There will never be a comment section and I will report facts only.

BTW: What’s a Nomad?

Ariel Nomad