Public Open Space

Albion Water

We provided water and waste water services to Victory Fields and refurbished and adopted the old private water and waste water infrastructure in the village.

We began by replacing the leaking water supplies to private customers in Upper Rissington village, removing the old pumping station and abandoning the reservoir.

Where possible, we also installed automated meter reading technology across the site which enables us to use real time data to track usage and spot gradual or sudden changes in water use. This helps us find and fix leaks quickly and reduce further water wastage.

We also adopted local woodland and wildflower meadows to be managed as sustainable ecological resources and/or public open space. We adopted and managed the sustainable drainage systems and retention lake to ensure that homes are protected from flooding and to ensure that the quality of flows joining the local stream and feeding the non-potable treatment plant are maximised.

Kitchen sink macerators were installed in the new homes in Victory Fields. These collect organic food waste and take it to the onsite sewage treatment works where research into its use as a feedstock for energy generation is being carried out.

Albion Water: Own Ansells Copse (will not be accessible as POS), Meadow to the North of Ansells Copse (will be accessible as POS) and the Treatment Works.