Building Opportunities in UR

Because of the huge expansion in population. It would seam that there is a need to build on all available space and Upper Rissington is no different. You know this is true due to the recent planing applications presented and passed. We all know that 368 homes was supposed to be the maximum during the major expansion by Vistry Homes, but continued development has being going on throughout this period – not forgetting even a single dwellings such as that found on Smith Barry Circus being built. Below are three major developments either in planning or build.

Houses in lieu of proposed PUB:

  • 21/04082/FUL | Erection of five dwellings, vehicular access points, associated works and infrastructure | Gloster House Mitchell Way Upper Rissington Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL54 2FL

In Fill on Sandy Lane Court:

  • 21/03807/FUL | Erection of four dwellings and associated works | Land At Sandy Lane Court Upper Rissington Gloucestershire.

Houses in lieu of Proposed Nursery:

  • 20/02697/FUL | Erection of 10 dwellings, new vehicular access, associated works and infrastructure | Land Adjacent To Mitchell Way And Wellington Road Upper Rissington Gloucestershire

If you were a developer where would you potentially build in Upper Rissington?

  • Mitchell Way – area between the school and the proposed 5 new houses (adjacent to the Runner Bean Gym).
  • Farman Crescent – this was the site of seven semi-detached homes when an RAF station (demolished in the late 90’s). See attached picture.
  • Delfin Way – originally designated a business area – highly likely to be housing in the near future (24 units).
  • Wellington Road – lots of potential infill between Mitchell Way.
  • Sports Fields – either side of Smith Barry Road are always potential infill as pressure builds up for more houses. This year we know of 24,000 extra people to house alone through immigration, which equals 12 UR villages alone.
  • Godfrey Place – Open space between Godfrey Place and the Allotments.
  • Scrub behind Smith Barry Circus – large area worthy of a few homes.
  • Farm land between Godfrey Place and Avro Road – if the farmer sells.

The point is look at Google Earth and the potential for more homes is tremendous and with the national requirement for more homes there is little you will be able to do to stop it. The Council Chairman said as much at the last Council meeting.

One possible way to slow these processes down would be to have a completed Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Picture of RAF Little Rissington before any development took place. Shows housing on Farman Crescent and Folland Park.