Wonderful Gawcombe Snowdrops

Had a walk along the road leaving Rissington towards Stow and then turned right towards Gawcombe, photographed the snowdrops and then back to Rissi. Amazing carpets of snowdrops in Gawcombe […]

Walkabout on 13/14 Dec 2018

Walkabout on 13 Dec 2018, specifically looking at: Access to the Albion Sewage Plant South Field Public Open Space – Between Wellington and Mitchell Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2018

A walkabout on 10 Dec 2018

Pictures showing Phase 2 of Folland Park plus: The Private Smith Barry Circle The Poor quality Hoggin Footpaths Spotlights around the Officers Mess Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2018

9/14 Sep 18 – UR Walkabout

Walkabout pictures – Rissington Lake + roadway access to the East. School expansion. Linden Compound has not been removed. South Fields spoil removal, Watch Tower with scaffolding  and 637 Sqn. […]

Do you take photographs?

Gloucester Archives announced this photographic competition on 10 April 2018. A special competition is now open to find three photographs which celebrate the beauty of our local landscape. Gloucestershire Archives […]