Cotswold District Council to offer financial support to people struggling this winter across the Cotswolds

Cotswold District Council Press Release – 31 January 2022

Cotswold District Council has been allocated over £130,500 for the Household Support Fund to help families who may be struggling this winter.

Rob Weaver, Chief Executive of Cotswold District Council, said: “The impact of the pandemic has had far-reaching effects with many families facing financial uncertainty. The Household Support Fund is here to help the vulnerable members of our society whether that’s families, our homeless community or older generations, as we push through the latest stages of our pandemic recovery.

“We want to help households get back onto a manageable and sustainable path and this fund will enable us to offer targeted help to those who may struggle financially over the next few months.”

The Household Support Fund has been provided by the Government to local authorities with funding to be allocated in two phases. The first phase of the fund is available for families with children who are struggling and need immediate financial support with food, energy and water bills. The second phase of the scheme will assist individuals or families moving out of homelessenss into permanent tenancy, as well as those in receipt of Pension Credits (Savings or Guaranteed).

Citizen Advice has been allocated the first phase of funds, 50% of the total allocation, and will be distributing it on behalf of Cotswold District Council. This funding is extra support and does not replace services that already exist for people experiencing financial difficulties and households do not have to be in receipt of DWP welfare benefits to claim. Individuals or families can self-refer or be referred by any professional working with the family (e.g. support worker, family support worker etc).

For the second phase of funding, the Council will identify and distribute it to those in need. Homeless residents moving from temporary accommodation to a permanent tenancy could receive a ‘starter pack’ to ease the transition from homeslessness. The pack will contain a microwave, bedding, small table top fridge and additional kitchen equipment.

For people in receipt of Pension Credits, assistance will be provided with a £45 food voucher which could be used for food, other essential items or white goods. Alcohol, tobacco and lottery products will be ineligible. The Council will be identifying and directly contacting eligible residents.


Anyone not eligible for this scheme but still facing financial difficulty can contact Citizens Advice today for advice on a wide range of support available:

Call 0808 800 0511 or email