Council Audio Minute Request

Council Audio Minutes for Council Meetings are available on request by emailing the Parish Clerk (Vanessa): as mentioned during the meeting of 13 November 2021.

Note: I requested Audio Minutes on the 23 November 2021 which Vanessa duly complied with on the same day, which I applaud. She also stated that the Recording will be deleted once the Minutes have been finalised.

Under the Policies tab on the Council website there isn’t a stated policy on this process, only an extract from the Minutes and Agenda of the 7th July 2021 meeting – this needs urgent clarity. I was somewhat confused by the explanation given by Cllr Maxey and Cairns (after listening to the Audio recording on the 13 November 2021).

Below is an extract from the Agenda dated 7th July which states (the motion was carried):

  1. The PC to discuss and make a decision on a request made for recording Parish Council meetings solely for the benefit of the Clerk. Once minutes recorded have been approved by the full Council then the recording will need to be deleted due to GDPR

Finally, this statement is on the Council website under Meetings (was this motion ever carried)?

Coming Soon!

This page will contain audio from the previous monthly Parish Council meeting and will remain here until such time as they are approved at the next meeting.  At that point they will be removed and replaced by the following month’s recording.

OFF TOPIC: Why do Parish Council meetings become committees meetings involving members of the public?  I heard three members of the public continually add their opinion (names withheld) to Agenda items and this was even encouraged by the council. If these people have such an opinion to share, why not join the Parish Council there are 5 vacancies after all? Also, I heard libellous comments made by numerous people, care needs to be taken, to avoid legal wrangles.