Council Minutes – 14 March 2022

Wasn’t going to comment on this Council meeting – but there are topics that require a quick line.

  1. 052/22: Why mention James Ashe under topic 052/22, a parishioner would have sufficed.
  2. 059/22: The public should know the income from the hire of the village hall (see 059/22). I quote, “The PC received a report listing the money received since the last PC meeting and the outstanding balances of the Village Hall hirers”. Looks like the hall is being hired without payment.
  3. 065/22: Why is the PC paying for defibrillator training, at a cost of £175? The idea of these defibrillators is that anyone can use them.
  4. 068/22: Fenced area in the entrance of Folland recreation ground. The PC noted that part of a wooden fence had been blown down in the high winds recently leading into Folland recreation ground and agreed that the area was to be made safeThe PC agreed to obtain three quotations to repair/replace fence panels and posts as required. Still not convinced this is the PC’s responsibility. Public monies should not be used to repair private fences, plus it is illegal if the fence is private.