New Tree Planting

Tree Planting – extracts from the Parish Council Minutes.

Extract from minutes dated  11 October 2021

345/21 Trees: Cllr. S. Garrett updated the Council on the provision of 200 trees from GCC and guidance received from Tim – Wildlife Trust on planting of the new trees and advice on where to plant the different species of trees.

346/21 Plant a Tree for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: The Honourable Company of Gloucestershire had offered two English Oak Trees for planting in celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. The PC agreed to apply for two English Oak trees.

Extract from minutes dated 9 August 2021

304/21 Trees: Cllr. S. Garrett updated the Parish Councillors on the progress of the new tree scheme and expected delivery of the 200 trees from GCC were due in the Autumn. Cllr. Garrett had provided an article on the trees which the Parish Council approved and was to go into the next edition of The Breeze.

Extract from minutes dated 12 July 2021

(a) It was confirmed that a selection of 350 trees were to be delivered to the Village Hall in the Autumn.
(b) The Council discussed and approved the content of an article for The Breeze and the Parish Council website and social media.
(c) The Council agreed for Cllr. S. Garrett to contact John Field of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to help select the correct locations for the species of trees to be received.
Cllr. Garrett asked for another Councillor to assist her in this project. Cllr. A. Cairns and Cllr. M. Sylvester offered to assist where they could.
(d) The Council agreed for Cllr. S. Garrett to obtain information from the contractors on site on the expected requirements for the maintenance of the trees post planting to ensure survival and what costs would be involved. This information was to be brought to a future Parish Council meeting.

County Planting Tree Scheme – extract from the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 25 January 2021

Background information: The Chairman confirmed two weeks ago, he did a walkabout around the village, accompanied by Cllr Garrett and Cllr Cairns to investigate areas where new trees could be planted from which their suggestions are as follows:

  • Both sides of the smaller path in the football field.
  • A new line of lime trees along the tarmac path in the football field.
  • A line in Folland Park on the opposite side of the park to where the trees are currently situated, to provide balance. It is intended for the trees to be sited approx.10 metres away from the fence so not to cause issues with neighbouring homes.
  • A line along the edge of Dodd Drive as there are no trees only bush and briars. This will allow a break in the view, should the next door field be developed in the future.
  • Field rear of Smith Barry Crescent field – currently a wildlife field therefore it was noted the PC did not want to disturb the wildlife. The Chairman confirmed he sought advice from two experts. He met John Field on Friday, ecologist for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT) and he met Trevor Bigg on Saturday. John Field and the Chairman walked around the wildlife site and he strongly confirmed that no trees should be planted in that area. He confirmed it to be calcareous grassland which is a key and highly protected habitat in the UK. John gave the Chairman a copy of the report for all the species that were present in the area back in 2015. It contains a large variety of different species of fauna and flora.
  • Ansell’s Copse – John and the Chairman also walked down to this area. John was pleased to say it would be ideal to plant 150 to 200 new trees in there as the existing were either fully matured or reaching the end of their lives.
  • Cllr Cairns suggested the allotment field is developed as a wild flower meadow to provide some diversity in the village open spaces.

Application for the trees – The Chairman made enquiries to the County for making the application by 29th January and whether the trees would be delivered in the autumn for planting in the autumn or would the delivery be next year? It was confirmed by the County that if the PC submitted their order by the 29th of January the trees should be delivered within weeks and should be planted straight away as it would be the planting season. However, the Chairman confirmed that planting could not take place in Ansell’s Copse, as there was much clearing to be done before planting could take place. He was then advised that the order could be split into 2 lots with some of the trees being delivered so they could be planted straight away, with remaining trees having a delayed delivery date in the autumn or towards the end of the year, which ever would better suit. The PC must enter name of the species and the amounts of each tree they require on the application form.

Cllr Moor confirmed that he had a meeting that morning to discuss this project. He confirmed he wanted to expedite the whole scheme including deliveries and not to have only one planting season for February and March time. It was agreed the scheme would cover two planting seasons one in the spring and one in the autumn.
The Chairman also confirmed that Highways will only be planting trees on land that they own. Highways will deliver trees to other land owners with the view they take the responsibility for the planting and maintenance.

Cllr Walker enquired as to whether an ecological survey should be undertaken prior to the trees being planted. The Chairman confirmed through his discussions with John Field, that the GWT would like to do a survey report for Ansell’s Copse, but that should not preclude the tree planting taking place.

Cllr Maxey confirmed that he was unable to do the application due to his main work commitments. He confirmed his willingness to participate in future requirements for the project after the application stage.

With no other volunteers coming forward Cllr Walker proposed that the three most experienced councillors who have been involved up to now, should lead the project as a team. The Chairman confirmed, as there were no volunteers to complete the application, he proposed that he would continue with the project up to making the application for which all members unanimously approved. The Chairman asked members for their thoughts on what trees should be ordered. Cllr Cairns was happy to reconfirm the numbers from their site visit. Cllr Garrett suggested that the three councillors already involved, should share the ordering responsibility. Cllr Maclean stated he was happy to give suggestions for different trees.