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Death by Chocolate – 17 April – 2 places available


An elite but diverse group of individuals is staying at the Hotel Paradiso. As they gather for dinner, however, the peace of the hotel is rocked by an explosion. Billy Bonka, the foremost chocolate manufacturer in America, is found dead in his room, having apparently been killed by an exploding Easter Egg. One – or more – of you is a murderer.
Your task is to discover who that killer is.
Fortunately the famous amateur detective Hercule McClue is on hand to assist your investigations.

Where: Great Rissington Club
When: Wednesday 17th April
Time: 7 pm
Cost: £25 per ticket
Bar: OpenBook here: friendsofstjohn.co.uk/events or,
Phone: 01451-824193 or email
durrantjohn.durrant@gmail.comAll profits to the Great Rissington Church roof appeal

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