EMG to start allotments and complete roads.

EMG have reported the following works will be started over the coming months. This is an extract from their letter sent to residents:

On behalf of Linden/Bovis, EMG Ltd are undertaking surfacing and remedial works in the following areas, on the following dates:

Monday 18th September: remedial and surfacing works will beginning to take place on Wellington Road.

Monday 2nd October: Remedial and surfacing works will be beginning to take place on the main road outside Victory Fields (Barrington Road).

On going surfacing works will be taking place around the whole of this development throughout the months of October to December.

We will be commencing works on allotments during this period, therefore routes to them will not be accessible.

If you have any questions or concerns on this matter please contact EMG head office on 01242 384400

May we take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works and thank you in advance for your co-oparation.

Website: http://www.emg-construction.co.uk
Telephone: 01242 384400

7 thoughts on “EMG to start allotments and complete roads.

  1. No ways Jerry, its the pressure from GCC to LinBo after the pressure we have been placing on them through working with Nigel Moor! We owe Nigel big time!

  2. Wellington Road is not a high priority, they are determined to lay tarmac and then move the street lights and install the Raised tables! BTW the sewers are still clogged and that is why they come back every six weeks to clean and film them! No play parks this year but one may be ready by March 2018 according to LinBo latest estimates!

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