First Port – VF POS

Below is an extract from the UR Community Liaison Group Meeting held earlier in the year.

First Port will be manage the Open Spaces that are not managed by URPC, this includes the football pitches, bowling green etc.

The extract is from this document. UR Action Log

As we know the first homes on the new development were occupied nearly  4 years ago.

Since then if you were a Linden owner you would have probably paid an initial charge of £381 for 12 months or £190 for 6 months management fee.

If you are a Bovis owner you may have not paid anything as the Bovis sales representative would have used it as a negotiation tool.

We know know there is a potential for over £100,000 sitting in a bank account until the development is complete. What happens then?

When all homes are occupied a management company will then be appointed and begin collecting funds to manage the Open paces.

This extract from the S106 explains what happens next:

The owner agrees:

  1. As part of each Reserved Matters application to identify the Public Open Space to be provided within the relevant Reserved Matters Area.
  2. Not to Occupy the last 2 (two) Residential Units within each Reserved matters Area until the Public Open Space within such Reserved Matters Are has been Completed to an Adoptable Standard.
  3. Upon Completion of the Public Open Space within a Reserved Matters Area to maintain and manage it for the duration of the Maintenance Period unless the Public Open Space is transferred sooner and the transferee confirms it will be responsible for maintaining the Public Open Space with immediate effect from the date of the Public Open Space Transfer.
  4. Not to occupy the last 2 (two) Residential Units of the Development until the Owner has completed the Public Open Space in its entirety in accordance with the Masterplan and subsequent Reserved Matters Approvals and has offered the Public Open Space transfer to:
    1. the Parish Council for the nominal sum of £1, and
    2. to use all reasonable endeavours to complete the Transfer within 3 months from the date the offer is made to the Parish Council.
  5. In the event the Parish Council declines to accept the Public Open Space Transfer within a period of 3 months from the Offer having been made to Offer the Public Space Transfer in the following order to:
    1. the Council for the nominal sum of £1; or
    2. A Management Company
  6. Upon the expiry of 12 months from the date of Completion of the Public Open Space and the Public Open Space having been transferred to either the Parish Council or the Council (the Transferee) to pay the Public Open Space Maintenance Sum to the Transferee and thereafter the Transferee shall be responsible for the continued management and maintenance of the Public Open Space to be transferred.
  7. To permit the Public Open Space to be used by the public for recreational purposes.