Public Open Space

From Aircraft Dispersal to Bunds

This post shows how an aircraft parking/taxi area became a man made bund.

The photograph sequence displays how the construction of the bunds from building detritus has occurred. As you will see most of the material used in the construction is sub soil. You will also note that drainage through the concrete area has been rectified by drilling holes into the concrete/ tarmac to allow surface water to drain. During the construction, material from the larger “mountains” was  re-profiled into the bunds.

We know the bunds are taller than expected, and according to the latest plans they will be re-profiled during the management of the Public Open Space programme. Of course they should have been finished a long time ago, unfortunately continued delays with the overall planning consent has delayed the project.

There are those who have concerns with these bunds, however a Peer Review on completion of the site will report with their findings and if anything is sub standard action will be taken.

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