GAPTC Audit Results

The September Minutes under item 14 requested that:

  1. GAPTC audit: To approve an external audit by GAPTC, or another external body recommended by GAPTC, of the legislative and procedural actions taken by the Parish Council over the period 6 April – 6 September 2021. This will seek to provide assurance to all Upper Rissington residents on the conduct of the Parish Council business during this time.

I am unsure what the motive behind this request was, however judging by recent public comments by councillors including emojis on Social Media, I have a shrewd idea.

The outcome whatever the motive is enlightening. The final comment of the audit is reproduced below and shows that there is some work to do within the Parish Council.

From 26th April onwards the item numbers on the agenda do not match the sequential numbering on the minutes. Recommend that this is corrected going forward. In addition, the agenda and minutes for 12th April do not clearly state that Council has resolved to exclude the public for a confidential session. The use of the term “In Committee” is misleading and it is recommended that this is included as a confidential session on the agenda with the appropriate resolution being recorded in the minutes.

Final thoughts: at what cost to the public was this unnecessary audit at a cost of £251.20?  For the full audit see this file or view below: GAPTC Audit.