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Grass Cutting?

The above picture is of Lutyens Court.

The grass areas in the village are cut by WODC and the Linden and Bovis contractor.

Over the years, the majority of the areas have always been cut. This year is quite different. The old village is managed by the Parish Council and their contractor West Oxfordshire District Council cut the PC’s responsible areas.

The other areas are the responsibility of Linden and Bovis until the Open Space is complete. This year some areas have been regularly cut, while some areas have not been touched.

Is there a simple explanation as to why, such as policy to leave it looking wild?

I have brought the issue to the attention of the Ward Councillor and our own Parish Council to find out if the situation will change.

Areas identified as not been cut regularly or not at all.

  • Lutyens Court (never cut)
  • Godfrey Place
  • Longmore Walk
  • A.P.Ellis
  • Old RAF access gate
  • Delfin Way (now cut randomly)
  • Wellington Road
  • Smith Barry Road (behind Village Hall)
  • Entrance via the Michell Way roundabout (now cut)
  • Shop Area (not Badhams responsibility)
  • Barrington Road verge
  • Farman Crescent

The Weeds of Lutyens Court

The Delfin Way wildflower meadow….

Pictures 5 June 2019

Pictures 23 May 2019 & before

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