******Plans Passed – 17/01451/FUL****** Public Open Space

Added: 11 January 2019

As we all know the planning application 17/04151/FUL was passed on December 8, 2018, yet new plans have just appeared on the Portal as of last week. Click here for the link to the CDC Portal.

Please review the Minutes from the recent planning meeting – 12th Dec 2018.



Added: 19 December 2018

Revised vehicular access to the allotments (Hoggin). 

Added: 13 December 2108

The documents uploaded to the planning portal show revised elevation for South Field. Click for the CDC Planning Portal.

Added: 7 December 2018

Here is the web link for the forthcoming Planning meeting to be held on the 12th December.

The Agenda for Upper Rissington is below or click here.

The planning application [17/04151/FUL] is due to be considered at the Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 9:30am in the Council Chamber at Cotswold District Council’s office in Cirencester. This meeting is open to the public.

When planning applications are heard by the Planning Committee, there is an opportunity for applicants, members of the public and others to speak for and against the application – as described on Cotswold District Council’s website.

Added: 30 November 2018

Please be advised the pictures below supercede all previous drawings – linked below: Interesting to see the timeline for all the work – all of next year.

17_04151_FUL – POS

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18 thoughts on “******Plans Passed – 17/01451/FUL****** Public Open Space

  1. Today was the Planning Meeting at Cirencester. URPC Chairman Amos Peak was to deliver a response on behalf of the village. Judging by the comments we have heard about it, it maybe not have been sufficiently strong enough. However, I do believe it was a done deal without the planning meeting.

    There should be a decision on the Planning Portal very soon.

    However – we can report the plans are passed.

  2. The good news Jerry is that a number of councillors from places like Fairford were not happy but the bad news is that URPC will not buy the land so it’s goodnight to the URNDP and goodbye to a unified Upper Rissington! Hey ho life rolls on in the Banana Republic, who cares?

  3. Mike – “….. so it’s goodnight to the URNDP” – why?

    What they are doing is for future protection, not what is happening now with current planing applications.

  4. David, it will remain in LinBo’s land bank, NDP cannot touch it because that is what CDC planned all along! At the meeting they even said if the URPC buys it and find its contaminated the URPC will clean it up! There is no future protection and we get the privilidge of maintaining it for them courtesy of CDC! That’s what BH was saving up for the £5 million clean up cost! Make sense?

    1. But the point of any NDP is to protect land in the area it covers from over development, who owns it is irrelevant but and it’s a BIG but, planning can just ignore it when considering future planning applications. Bit like the Green Belt was never supposed to be built on and we know what has happen to bits of it 🙁

      1. David, the plans were passed yesterday and believe me when I tell you Bovis said it was certain 3 years ago! Who is going to enforce the NDP plans? CDC will not because they are scared stiff of Bovis and how much money has LinBo paid for it all? Right now the homeowners are due to maintain it so do you think we let wl let the NDP have any rights over it! The whole thing is a farce which you could never dream up! Just like Brexit! They have all lost the plot! Been following Grenfell fall out? 100 similar blocks waiting to kill thousands and no body cares! We must sort out the URPC first and then we have a chance! You know what needs to be done as do others but no one has the guts! No one cares a dam.

  5. Any NDP is a plan that interested residents (people who give a dam) of an area, have put together on behalf of ALL residents, to protect the area from FUTURE (not current) development. It’s got nothing to do with “…any rights over it”, as it is a Plan prepared by residents for residents to protect their area.

    As I said, the planning authority (of what ever area) have to take this into account if future plans are submitted but they can chose not to accept residents wishes, just like any letters sent directly to the planning authority.

  6. Theoretical clap trap! Ask the residents of Fairford what happened to their NDP last month! Now ask the chairman of URPC what happened at CDC on Wednesday after the extraordinary meeting of URPC on Monday? Residents wishes are ignored as well as residents expressed concerns over the competencies of the council officers who are appointed and paid for out of our council tax! Now refer back to Jerry’s opening post!

  7. You clearly don’t understand what the aims of an NDP are Mike. As I’ve said before, it can be ignored like any direct letters or representation at a planing authority meeting but at least residents who give a dam, have done something to help the community.

    1. The NDP group will have no rights, they can have a say, but if the land owner or CDC say “NO” or they decide are going to build build, they will do so.

      I would advice people to read the role of NDP then they may understand they have “NO” planning enforcement, only a voice to be heard.

      1. Yes that is my understanding Max., the plan (not the people) once in place, is just another view point that can be ignored.

  8. Max, this is where I diagree with you both! They have achieved nothing and will never achieve anything long as LinBo own the land and CDC will never enforce it, so they may have a voice but it will be ignored therefore it’s a waste of time and resources! Just talk to Fairford and wait for the conclusions from Mondays meeting at CDC! All theoretical clap trap!

  9. Absolutely, only in the Cotswolds approved especially by CDC, what other LPA would even post such a concept and you dId not even mention the 1:12 slope! Stay positive and see if you can get them to change it?

  10. As the NDP is not completed or ‘in force’, all the rest is as ‘normal’ ! So what prediction are you referring to?

  11. Everything including objections are ignored at CDC as you heard last night! CDC are afraid of LinBo and you know why! LinBo own the land including your street so welcome to the club!

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