Public Open Space

Lutyens Court – UPDATE!

UPDATE: 24 July 2019

The positive is that the rear of Lutyens Court is being laid out as per the landscaping plans and looks as though it will be a very nice area to sit on balmy Summer days such as today.

However, I am disappointed to write that while not all the weeds from Lutyens Court were cut, what was cut is now growing back into an unsightly mess. Hopefully, Bovis get on top of this with a maintenance contract soon.

Lutyens Court is the first item on the Public Open Space programme due for completion in a year. According to the programme soft landscaping to South Field and Lutyens Court was due to start on 17 June 2019.

EDIT: (25 June 2019): Front and Rear of Lutyens Court has been strimmed.

EDIT: Work began today (20 June 2019) on cutting the weeds back. A single contractor is doing the strimming (nice guy from Northampton).

Updated: Bovis site completion schedule!

Here are some pictures of wildflowers and weeds front and rear.

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