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Miniature Castle – 29 July 2015

The BBC were invited to Upper Rissington to report on this decaying artefact.

A miniature castle, thought to have been built by German prisoners of war during World War Two, is to be relocated to make way for housing.

The model is on land at the former RAF Little Rissington station near Bourton-on-the Water, Gloucestershire.

Residents had expressed fears it could be demolished to make way for new homes, but developers said they had no plans to destroy it.

It will be moved to a nearby location which has yet to be decided.

The castle, which is made of stone and is about 3ft (1m) tall, is believed to have been made in 1945.

It is thought to have been moved a short distance and repaired some time in the 1980s by members of the US Air Force who were stationed there.

Resident Patrick Sprigg said: “It’s always been known about by locals and former airmen based here and everybody still talks about it. It’s still of interest.”

More than 300 new homes are being built on the site.

Upper Rissington parish council clerk, Debbie Hill, said discussions were taking place with developers Linden Homes about its new location.

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