No Play Parks in Upper Rissington

Picture is of the condemned Park.

Upper Rissington has a housing stock of nearly 800 homes, with the consequent amount of young children, you would expect at least two or three open play parks, currently there are none.

The existing play park located between Wright Road and Bristol Road after many good years of service is out of commission. The decaying wooden structure has been reported for a number of years and is now deemed too rotten to meet Health & Safety standards.

I am sure if the council of 2015 was still in power, the park would have been replaced or extensively refurbished by now. Until the influx of new councillors it was thought the best course of action was to make do and mend, which was always questioned at the PC meetings by the parishioners. Hopefully, Cllr Matt Barley, Cllr Martin Johnstone and Cllr Marc Buffrey will educate Cllr Laird and Cllr Hanks that its well past bodging and procure new equipment immediately.

I am hoping, as a matter or urgency our vast precept money is spent before the Spring to replace the park, so at least we have one area for the children of the village to play in safety (it was agreed to remove the broken units at the last council meeting in February).

Thinking even more positively, you never know Linden and Bovis might built their three parks, trim trails and cycle/pathways before URPC. 

Post amended following new information – 17 Feb 2017

5 thoughts on “No Play Parks in Upper Rissington

  1. The play park equipment was installed when the houses were sold off by the RAF, as the RAF play equipment was located along Bristol Road where it runs east/west but the developer wanted to build houses along there, so promised better equipment, in the re-located area (the current location).

    From accounts of people who were here at the time, the equipment was inferior to what they removed on Bristol Road 🙁

    1. toxicmike:
      Must have been after April 1997, as you can see from the TPO map (there’s a copy on this blog site), there were still trees at the start (off Farman Cr.) of Bristol Road. My best guess is when the village was being developed during the Windrush days, so 2000. There may be some villagers who were here at the time and be able to give a more precise date.

      I’m not aware of any upgrades to the equipment since then 🙁

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