Parish Council Meeting – 11 April 2022

Click here to download the latest PC Agenda.

My comments on some of these Agenda items.

078/22 Clerk’s Report: To review actions from previous meetings, and consider matters arising
Scribe training on new accounts package and hall hire has been undertaken.
The Scribe accounts package has now been set up and is in use.
The Scribe booking system is being set up and will be in use shortly. The Clerk is booked onto a CDC Clerk’s seminar on 26.4.2022.
Comment: This move to Scribe appears to be a positive move – integrating hall booking  and everyday council spending into one piece of software. Click here for more information.

085/22 Public Open Space
To receive an update on the collapsing wall close to the entrance of Folland Park/Wright Road.
Comment: Does the Parish Council own the area where this wall has collapsed? If YES – a good idea. If NO – why on the Agenda

086/22 Co-option of Councillors
The PC to agree to commence the co-option process to fill the five vacant seats on the PC.
Comment: An excellent idea. 

089/22 Fenced area in the entrance of Folland recreation ground
The PC to receive three quotations to replace part of a wooden fence that had been blown down into Folland recreation ground.
Comment: Question, who owns this fence? If the PC is the owner then acquiring quotes is sensible. If not, then it’s the individual home owners responsibility.

091/22 Addressing the new development on Wellington Road/Mitchell Road
CDC have submitted a court name request received from the developer for the proposed development on Wellington Road/Mitchell Road and requested the PC’s opinion or other suggested names for the development. The proposed court name is Hunting Percival – Hunting Percival were the company who originally developed the Jet Provost.
Comment: A name for this development is a must, and one with an RAF association sensible. But surely we can do better than Hunting Percival and has this been discussed at previous meetings? The developers call it Pelicans…..

093/22 Parish Council Seal
The Parish Council to consider having a Parish Council seal.
Comment: Is that a seal for the attenuation pond or maybe a pop singer? 🙂 This nomenclature is very vague, if you mean a designed logo/emblem that can be used on letterheads and websites, then say so!  If this is what you mean it is a good idea.

094/22 Gates at entrance of the Village
The PC to consider the refurbishment of the gates and possible re-installation of the lights at the entrance of the village.
Comment: Entrance to the village, where exactly do you mean? If you mean the RAF Main entrance then say so.  At the moment, I would suggest this is the property of Vistry and I am sure they require contacting first before any work is undertaken. Finally, I would agree that the village would benefit from these gates being refurbished, but not with public money until they are in the ownership of the PC. 

095/22 Correspondence:
a. To discuss and agree next steps on correspondence received:

    1. i)  Metal Herras fencing to be removed at top of Proctor Way – have contacted Vistry
    2. ii)  Lack of shrubs and dead trees noted up by airfield – have contacted Vistry
    3. iii)  Broken wooden post and rail fence by Hercules Close – have contacted Vistry
    4. iv)  Plastic tree protectors – Vistry have been asked to collect the broken plastic tree protectors from the POS.

Comment: Items I, ii and iii are not Agenda items. 

Finally, I am noticing a trend to spend public money on property that the Council do not  own, surely the Clerk should be advising these Agenda items are ill advised.

Also, I notice a trend that some councillors have clear conflicts of interest.