CX – Parish Council Meeting – 14 Nov’ 2018 – CX

What: Parish Council Meeting NOW CANCELLED
Date: 14 Nov 2018
When: 19:30
Where: Village Hall
Agenda: Agenda for Parish Council Meeting – 14 November 2018
Youtube Video of the Meeting: TBD

I imagine – they will be discussing hedge cutting, precept and what to do with £200,000. Not forgetting fixing the play park.

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11 thoughts on “CX – Parish Council Meeting – 14 Nov’ 2018 – CX

    1. From the good councillor’s guide:
      Three clear days has a specific legal meaning in relation to the issuing of
      the agenda. It does not include the day on which the agenda was sent out,
      or the day of the meeting. It also excludes Sundays, bank holidays and
      the days of the Christmas and Easter breaks. It is good practice to exclude
      Saturdays too.

  1. Don’t see bulb planting there Mike.

    What I do see is a very long Agenda, that will not be completed in 2.5 hours. Also, an Agenda that is not facing village issues. Verbally saying taking more trees on is fine, but then you have to actually maintain them.

  2. Spot on Jerry, the bulb planting was put on FACE Book and its a pity they seem unwilling to communicate more with the community on social media? Should not use Upper Risdington though as there are too many outsiders on it? We need a group for Upper Rissington alone! Totally agree about not facing village issues. To busy playing bureaucratic games which they have no intention of following!

  3. ON URPC website.

    Regretfully, the parish council meeting that was due to take place tomorrow, Wednesday 14 November, has been cancelled as there are not enough councillors available for the meeting to be quorate.

    We hope to reschedule the meeting as soon as possible, and a notice – and new agenda – will be published in due course.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Clerk to Upper Rissington Parish Council

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