URPC update on Public Open Space

Extract from 28th July Upper Rissington Parish Council Minutes on Public Open Space

The Parish Council explained where they were in the process of the POS.

The Parish Council discussed and agreed the next stages so that the PC had a strategy to work on as follows:

    • One written quotation for the works required on the POS had been received and one verbal quote. Two further written quotations were awaited.
    • The developers and the planning department were to be notified of the sum required to maintain the POS for the next five years. (Figure arising from quotations to be received and an average worked out from the quotes).
    • The Clerk had communicated with CDC’s legal team to discuss the legal process and it was recommended to use the PC’s solicitor to deal with the handover of the POS.
    • The Council discussed matters which had been brought to the Council’s attention on the tennis courts and agreed to work a way forward on the issues and to also pass on the concerns to Vistry. In particular, noise levels and the possibility of planting some screening alongside the tennis courts to help alleviate this problem.

The Parish Council discussed ways of managing the public tennis courts once handed over to the Parish Council and agreed that a tennis committee was to be set up. This was to be advertised in The Breeze and social media to see if any residents are interested in joining the committee. The PC would contact tennis associations and ask advice and seek the best way forward of running the tennis courts. It was agreed that a risk assessment and noise level assessment were required. The Council agreed for
Cllr. N. Maxey to gather information on risk assessments in preparation of the handover of the POS.

The Parish Council unanimously approved Cllr A. Cairns to be appointed principle point of contact for all allotment matters (Allotment Officer) for the URPC. And that he:

    • be authorised to liaise with external agencies (other Parish Council’s, GAPTC, National Allotment Society and other associated organisations) in order to gain further knowledge and advice for the betterment of the administration of the Allotments.
      The Parish Council agreed for Cllr. A. Cairns to research into the possibility of allowing sheds on the allotments in an AONB area. By raising this restriction this would encourage residents to walk to the allotments rather than drive as they wouldn’t need to transport their equipment to the site. This would alleviate parking problems and would also help the green infrastructure which CDC were keen to work on.
    • be responsible for the creation of the URPC Allotment Policy and three months before the date of POS handover
    • reviews, and if required, refresh the list of households that have expressed an interest in receiving an allotment.
    • in conjunction with the Parish Clerk carries out the initial allocation, which will be done in an equitable manner for all residents of the Parish, and that they are informed of the Allotment Policy.
    • assists the Parish Clerk with the administration of the subsequent allotment waiting list.

The Parish Council agreed to undertake a risk assessment prior to handover of the POS and the insurance company were to be notified of the increase of responsibilities/owner ship for the PC and values of items.

The Parish Council considered all aspects of taking on the Attenuation Pond and discussed points raised at the site meeting with Albion Water. The PC would only be taking on this facility as a POS facility and not a piece of water infrastructure. Naturally the water in the pond would belong to the PC but if Albion Water want to use the water in the future at a certain quality/standard then getting the water to this standard would be a cost borne by Albion Water. The PC agreed that a solicitor was to be appointed to deal with the legal work of the transfer of the POS and a clause was to be written into the transfer document relating to the responsibilities of the PC on the Attenuation Pond. The Clerk was to send the notes of the site meeting with Albion Water to Matt Hayward and to ask Albion Water to confirm the agreements in writing. When the PC take over the Attenuation Pond a warning sign was to be put up warning people to ‘Keep Out’.

The PC confirmed that any agreements that had been made between the Developers and the Parish Council in meetings had been disclosed to the best of the Parish Council’s knowledge. The Council agreed that any agreement will be brought to Council meetings and minuted in the future. Cllr. M. Sylvester had approached the Co-op and asked if they would be willing to display Parish Council information on their display
board. The Co-op had agreed to this request.

The Parish Council reviewed Motion 220/19 (of Dec 19) so that all Parish Councillors will be invited to attend site meetings with a minimum of two Councillors to attend and the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council discussed the options to hold an Open Public Meeting, an Extra-ordinary Parish Council meeting, a drop in session at the Village Hall and to put on a display of ongoing activities in particular the Public Open Space in the village or to hold a Parish Council stall at the Village Fete in September 2021. A communication strategy was discussed on how to communicate with the residents of the village and how to get information out to the public.
Cllr. N. Maxey proposed the Parish Council hold a Open Public Meeting to explain to the residents of the village the process of the POS and what was involved in taking on the POS.
A vote was taken on the proposal put forward of 4 against and 2 for.
The Parish Council agreed to hold a stall at the Village Fete in September 2021 and would have a display of the process of taking on the POS.