Parish Council

Clerk/RFO: Ms Pauline Rigby
Telephone: 01451 810839

Address: Upper Rissington Village Hall
Wellington Road
Upper Rissington
Cheltenham, GL54 2QW

The Clerk works part time hours across the week and will respond as soon as possible. Any resident wishing to make an appointment to see the Clerk, please e-mail or telephone the above number.

Parish Councillors:

The majority of Parish Councillors declarations of interest are now on Cotswold District Council Portal. Click here to view the declarations of interest.

I’ve also added hyperlinks to the declarations below. The detail includes, where they live and what type of employment they do.

Don D Bowie E-mail:
Christine CVM Higgs E-mail:
Kirsten JOHNSTONE E-mail:
Martin JOHNSTONE (Chairman) E-mail:
Russell RJ McCann E-mail:
Ben B Pavord E-mail:
Amos ACL Peek. E-mail:
Declan D Torris (Vice-Chairman) E-mail:
Vaughan JCV Taylor

Click here for declerations of interest.

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