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PC Meeting Decorum.

Below are the Upper Rissington Parish Council Standing Orders.


I have uploaded the SDO’s, because I witnessed a verbal attack on a councillor at the last meeting, which was totally unacceptable.

Below is an extract from the Standing Orders which we all may find useful :

a.  No person shall obstruct the transaction of business at a meeting or behave offensively or improperly. If this standing order is ignored, the chairman of the meeting shall request such person(s) to moderate or improve their conduct.
b.  If person(s) disregard the request of the chairman of the meeting to moderate or improve their conduct, any councillor or the chairman of the meeting may move that the person be no longer heard or be excluded from the meeting. The motion, if seconded, shall be put to the vote without discussion.
c.  If a resolution made under standing order 2(b) is ignored, the chairman of the meeting may take further reasonable steps to restore order or to progress the meeting. This may include temporarily suspending or closing the meeting.

I have suggested that all PC meetings are now recorded either audibly or visually, for URPC’s own protection.

As an aside, I was asked personally where I lived in the 15 minute public session, and because I declined to answer was ridiculed later in the meeting, which is unacceptable. The location qualifications applies at the time of election or appointment. Once someone is a councillor, barring quite serious events such as imprisonment, they remain a councillor until they resign or the next election comes round.

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