Police Community Speed Enforcement Van – Updates

The police community speed enforcement van has been out to the advertised areas for January , 2019.

The results are as follows:

  1. A429 Moreton in Marsh 11 speeders caught (Highest Speed 48 MPH, Average Speed 39.2 mph – 30MPH speed limit) 1 x number plate reported.
  2. A44 Bouton on the Hill 24 Speeders Caught (Highest Speed48 MPH, Average Speed 39.7 mph – 30MPH speed limit)
  3. A44 Moreton in Marsh 4 Speeders caught (Highest Speed 43 MPH, Average Speed 38.5 mph– 30MPH speed limit)
  4. Little Rissington 10 speeders caught (Highest Speed of 33 MPH, Average Speed of 30.2mph – 20MPH speed limit)

The speed enforcement team have a camera that records speeding and can detect, driving on a mobile device ( £200 and six points) , number plate offences ( Dirty or incorrect spacing £100 fine) and driving without a seat belt.

Check Gloucestershire Police Website for the camera sites for February, 2019.

Many thanks, PC 2201 Nick Westmacott, Stow Neighbourhood Policing Team

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