Proposal for two new 2/3 story business buildings.

Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington announced at the Parish Council Meeting on the 13th September that the withdrawn application for 24 houses on Delfin Way will be reinstated, on the assumption the business buildings are constructed. Link here. He said he had been working on the project for over two years and recognised that the original business park was too large, but this will go in some way for making up for the loss of the original business park. If the application is to be passed it is under the condition that the two business buildings will be constructed as outlined below.

The two new buildings will be located on Mitchell Way and will be two stories high, possibly three. One is to be located between the shops and the school (opposite the residential units on Mitchell Way) and the other where LinBo currently have their work compound (adjacent to Barrington Road). The units will be built, but not fitted out as the internal space will be variable and dependent on how much a tenant needs/requires and as a consequence will be fitted out as per their requirements.

The plans will be on the CDC portal very soon for your examination. I just hope they have a pitched roof and are faced in stone.

For more information listen from minute 45 here:

11 thoughts on “Proposal for two new 2/3 story business buildings.

  1. My thought that land they plan to build on was for Nursery and a Public House

    People should object to the change of use and that land be left for 5 years so anyone wishing to invest in a Public House or Nursery the land is still available.

    Why was these units not put on Delphin Way as that land was for business use it’s possible that they could sell on that land to small developer to re submit plans for more homes.
    Just my thoughts.

  2. It is our Ward Councillor Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington who has formulated this plan so that Bovis and Linden can build 24 houses, which seemingly has been in the design stage for two years.

    The original business park was too optimistic and the plans for a pub never took-off. So we now have business premises instead of the pub. I know I would have preferred a different kind of trade off instead of a business park, especially if I lived on Mitchell Way. Living opposite housing or shops would have been preferable to a three story business park or maybe even a pub…….. 🙂 What do you think?

  3. Also, would like to add that I applaud Mark for trying to bring business to Upper Rissington and the scheme should be supported. My concern only, is the surprise building between the school and the shops. I can imagine a lot of house owners MAY not have bought on Mitchell Way if they had known. Surprisingly it’s been two years in the making.

    The area that was supposed to be a Public House, is now a business building should be changed to housing.

    The business block then should be relocated to the behind the current business premises adjacent to the Guard Room ( You obviously loose some of the 24 houses on this site, but they are built on Mitchell Way instead (proposed site of business block).

    Furthermore, the extra traffic down Mitchell Way will be avoided.

    This solution may please all concerned.

  4. Jerry a key question here is : What businesses will take up those units? We lost the hair dresser because the business rates were too high? This is seen as a development opportunity not as a facility for local people at all! why are you supporting this plan as it contravenes the S106 and supports the Dec 2016 Plan which we know both Linden and Bovis are following clearly because CDC has already given them the nod! Just another con job to line someone’s pocket, I just do not know who as I am new around here!!

  5. The stupid foreman from EMG really thinks he will lay the tarmac and then come back to do the raised tables!! I have had this from him myself today!! So I have just spoken to Nigel Gasston and told him to make sure they do the job properly first time and we do not want to see EMG again thereafter! Watch this space

  6. Jerry, they are not planning to do it the logical way! Nigel Gasston admitted they want to lay the TARMAC and then come back to do everything else!! Needless to say I told him I intend to make sure they do not get the bond back! Should be some interesting fireworks next week!

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