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Updated: Redacted PC Minutes – dated 19 October 2016

16 August 2019: Below are the redacted minutes – you have to ask what is the purpose of publishing these?  The minutes published are supposed to conclude this issue, I would argue they enflame it.

There is a sheet of a A4 preparing you for the minuted item 8 and the content is redacted. URPC, where do you go from here, as clearly there is no closure on this issue? Of course, other comments on this delicate subject would be most welcome.


12 August 2019: The Agenda for this weeks Parish Council Meeting (14 August 2019) has an item No 4, that is very interesting:


Specifically:  To approve for publication the redacted minutes of the meeting of 19 October 2016.

If you check the URPC website no such minutes exist, until the redacted version is published post this meeting. Personally, I am not in favour of this practice.

The Agenda for the meeting of 19 October 2016 is as follows:

The redaction will be to minute the conclusion of this item: Clerk’s Absence (Debbie Hill): To discuss the continued absence of the Clerk and approve any associated costs deemed necessary as a result of the discussion.

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One thought on “Updated: Redacted PC Minutes – dated 19 October 2016

  1. Minutes should always be available.

    All minutes should be in the hard copy minutes folder and not in any other location and should be made public unredacted.

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