Public Open Space

Remediation or Contamination?

I like that word remediation.

Much of what is known as Victory Fields was built on a RAF technical site (which means, work shops, stores, hangars etc).

During the last 10 years, my wife and I must have taken over 4000 – 5000 photographs of the transition process from military base to housing estate. Some these pictures show material that is no longer on site and others material that is buried below the bunds.

Clearly, during the process of demolition of these old buildings, contamination products existed. However, the contractors have removed any material that is dangerous to life. Some of these photographs show building waste, as you will see.

Now remediation takes place, followed by a transition of the Public Open Space (POS)  and then a Peer Review, before the POS is offered to the Parish Council to consider management. What we know is that Cotswold District Council reported at the last Parish Council meeting all contaminated material was removed from site except a pile on the airfield side of the village (which as we know is being removed today).

Historically, on matters of concern like the Mobile Mast (remedied), Rissington Water (now Albion Water – remedied), Miniature Castle (on-going) and Village Hall handover (remedied), the BBC reported on these matters. We could call in the BBC if residents felt there was a story. I personally no longer believe there is a requirement and it would be extremely destructive and foolhardy.

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