Residents – LinBo – CDC – Geoffrey Clifton-Brown – Nigel Moor meeting – 3 Nov 17

A second and final meeting has been organised on the 3rd November 2017 at 6pm in the Village Hall.

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP will chair the meeting.

He will pose questions on your behalf to the developers and CDC. Therefore it is imperative that he receives your questions without delay. Issues such as Traffic Calming, Construction Materials, Street Lights, Crime, Contamination, Public Open Spaces, Roads and any issues that you may want to highlight.

Can you send them to Margaret Flint or Mike South who will coordinate accordingly.

Please send your comments to this e-mail address for Max Flint or for Mike South.

Linden and Bovis have delivered a CD with a letter explaining their future plans for the village today. Below are 7 very important files explaining all. Please review them.

Landscape Planning File List. :Landscape Planning File – 5109 – Drawing Issue Sheet 23.8.2017

Play Areas & Trim Trail: Play Areas & trim Trail – 5109_LBS_002_email

Full Details of the Proposed Play Parks: Full Details of the Play Parks: 5109.PLAYSPACE PROPOSALS email

Original S106 Landscape Drawing: Original S106 Landscape Drawing – 5109.PP.L

An overview of the Play Space: Play Space Overview – 5109.PS.OVERVIEW

Pathway and Cycle Path Overview: Pathway and Cycle Paths – 5109.HS.O

A section of the Southern (Football) field?: Southern Area adjacent to Barrington Road – 5109 Proposed Section Details _ C

Below is the poster supplied by Cllr Nigel Moor. E-mail

15 thoughts on “Residents – LinBo – CDC – Geoffrey Clifton-Brown – Nigel Moor meeting – 3 Nov 17

  1. “FYI: Linden and Bovis have delivered a CD with a letter explaining their future plans for the village today.”

    Will this be viewable on-line?

  2. The Sports Group who had the hall booked on the 3rd Nov for Family Games Night (a once a month event), have kindly cancelled their booking, so it can now be booked for this meeting 🙂

  3. What precisely is going to be the difference between this meeting and the last one? The message was unanimous and loud and clear, people want the developer to complete what they promised and had approved in the first instance. All they have to do us get on and make it happen. Not exactly rocket science. Another load of windbags droning on for a few more hours is not likely to enhance the situation.

  4. It will be significantly different this time around because it’s something the people of Upper Rissington have organised, not CDC and not the PC! The MP will be the MC for the evening and he will pose questions to the developers and CDC relating specifically to issues raised by the community like contamination, the lack of street lighting, poor condition of the roads and footpaths, the incompetence of many if the contractors, the poor project management of the site development, the massive overrun, the details of the amenities to be installed as part of the S106 planning provisions as well as the issues for most homeowners on Victory Fields relating to the houses being built with different materials to those proposed and approved by CDC. All the questions will be asked by the residents of Upper Rissington and these will be sent to CDC and the developers well ahead of the meeting to ensure that they have all the answers on the night. The previous meeting was called and organised by CDC with no formal agenda and as everyone present observed with extremely poor planning and presentation! They did not even consult the MP or our County Council rep!

  5. Which drawings on this post, do they intend on using, as there are inconstancies between some of these drawings?

    For instance, several show a path between the houses on the south boundary and the boundary fence of the airfield, where as others, this path has disappeared!

    There are paths on these drawings that start/finish at the boundary (shared driveway access) to private land (I’m lead to believe). How will they resolve this?

  6. David you are the first to comment over and above all the work that Helen has been doing on this! People need to step up and raise the questions but I do recommend that they are not individual specific questions but they can relate to the wider concern! LinBo are aware of this issue and you were at the meeting when I raised the issue of plot B1 which has a public footpath right down the side oF the house and 100% on private land as depicted in the TP1 and still no action! The Bovis MD has fobbed the owner off by passing her solicitors letter to Customer care who have done nothing about it! This is just one example as to why our MP has agreed to come and chair the second public meeting and given the number of issues still outstanding this may not be the last public meeting! CDC are charged with a dereliction of duty and that is going to be addressed at a closed meeting with the MP on October 20th but it’s upto the residents of Upper Rissington to step up now because if they lose this opportunity there is unlikely to be a better chance to fix the problems in future as it will be too late!

  7. Jerry the media are not required at this stage but if we do not get satisfaction by the end oF the meeting on November 3rd I will be the first to start a call for the media like the BBC Radio and television! In the meantime our MP should be provided with the opportunity for an intervention! We have done that so no let us see what he can do to help us?

  8. “In the meantime our MP should be provided with the opportunity for an intervention!”
    And what was the result of his Gas intervention a couple of years ago?

  9. Complete failure, apparently the responsibility for that was CDC but he does accept responsibility for not pushing hard enough! He is aware of what needs to be done this time around and he does have a strong group pushing him this time.

  10. Total newbie here, but can someone clarify for me if the plans distributed by LinBo are approved by the CDC or is this a proposal that they will need to take forward under a new planning permission, thus giving people with individual concerns on elements of the plan an opportunity to object and make alterations.

  11. The simple answer is yes but the reality is far less clear! These plans are supposed to be submitted for approval but they are full of inexactitudes as they are not showing what’s been done contrary to the approved plans! It all requires a lot of detailed study.

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